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Sports Which Are Boring To Watch

Friday, Aug 28, 2020, 1:40 pm


Tiger Woods' cheating scandal is the most interesting thing to ever come out of the sport of golf. The game and its terminology are hard to follow and if you're not an avid watcher, you'll end up more lost than Little Red Riding Hood in the forest. Watching both men and women swing a piece of metal and hit a ball is the perfect way to put you to sleep.


Archery is the type of sport that should not be shown on television. It's hard to keep up with and the arrow is the most interesting aspect. One of the worse parts of this sport is that you have to wait until the camera zooms in on the target to know whether or not the attempt was good or not.

3.Running (Marathons)

Marathoners are the strongest types of athletes in the world. Their stamina and strength is commendable, but these longwinded races are an acquired taste for those who like dull events. Every now and then a runner might trip, fall or pass out from exhaustion. But aside from that, nothing exciting happens during a marathon or running race.


Canoeing looks like a fun sport to take up, but you wouldn't want to devote hours watching it. The person in the canoe doesn't do any tricks along the way. It's just them in the water moving their paddle from one side to another. The best part about canoeing is when the leader crosses the finish-line, this way you know it's finally over.

5.Deep Sea Fishing

Deep Sea Fishing is seen as a relaxing sport, but how can catching Flipper be a sport? Men gather on a boat and chase after these harmless beings for fun. It might be fun for them to partake in, but it's uninteresting to witness. The best part about fishing is the fact that you'll have something tasty to eat for dinner that night.


Weightlifting is a skill that not many people possess. A person can wind up injured or even dead if they don't execute the moves correctly. While this is a decorated sport, weightlifting is as dull as a second grader's No. 2 pencil. The athlete strains to pick up the weight for a few seconds, lifts it over their head, throws it on the ground and then walks away. It the same technique for everyone, so after five-minutes you're end up doing everything you can to remain interested.

7.NASCAR Racing

NASCAR is a highly respected sport. It's also a tedious and repetitive one as well. There isn't anything interesting about watching a bunch of cars speed along a racetrack. The most action that you'll ever see in a NASCAR race is witnessing one of the cars crash or spin out of control.



What do you get when you combine, sweeping, a stone and ice? Nothing really. Curling is indeed an Olympic sport and there are championships for it, but it's not the most exciting thing to watch. When you aren't being distracted by the team members yelling at one another, you can barely follow the actual rules of the game.

9.World Championship Poker

World Championship Poker games are always broadcast in the early morning hours; probably because it's a great sleep aid. Poker isn't any fun in real-life (unless you're winning), and it's even more boring to watch on television. There aren't any jaw-dropping moves that make the game intense or incredible to watch. It's just a bunch of people stroking their chins, as they wait for their turn to place a piece of cardboard on the table.


10.Competition Wrestling

When witnessing animals fight is more interesting than a sport, it's time to change the channel. Competition wrestling is a snoozefest. Both competitors are locked in certain holds and grappling hooks for minutes at a time. Even the wrestlers themselves appear to be falling asleep during some of the matches.


Fencing makes watching paint dry a fun pastime. The sport involves two masked individuals swatting one of three weapons - foil, epee, and sabre - during a duel. The confusing part about this sport is that even when you think one person has won a point, it turns out that their 'touch' is within the guidelines of the game. Watch The Three Musketeers if you want to see genuine dueling.



Cricket is as boring as the insect it shares a name with. The game is simple, and fast-moving. None of the players ever hit the ball out of the park or into the stands. Instead, the just hit the ball far enough so they can run to their destination. If you want to see an exciting game where men take turns at bat, then baseball would be the way to go.


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