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Starbucks Secret Menu Items You Didn't Know

Tuesday, Jul 5, 2022, 9:34 am

1.Red tux mocha

This may sound like a complicate drink, but it is actually pretty straightforward. All it involves is you getting a mocha and having some raspberry flavoring added to it and yes it does taste so much better than how it initially sounds.

2.Cafe au lait

In order to get a Parisian feel to your coffee ask for a Misto, but make sure that there is no foam. You can then sit there and feel all French, but of course you need the style in order to carry it off in the correct manner.

3.The short drink

Did you think that small was as small as it went? Well that is wrong because at Starbucks they also have a secret short drink as well. This is going to be for those people that perhaps hate a lot of coffee and just want literally a few mouths of coffee, oh and it is cheaper as well.

4.Chocolate pumpkin

You might only be able to get this at certain times of the year, but it is certainly worth asking for it at any point. Get a coffee, ask for some pumpkin spice along with chocolate and what you get is something that may sound rather strange, but tastes absolutely amazing.

5.Chocolate cream frappuccino

This drink is going to send the chocolate lover absolutely stir crazy. Get your normal and plain frappuccino, then ask the barista to include some chocolate flavoring and chocolate syrup on the top to get the ultimate source of sweetness.

6.Zebra mocha

You can probably partly guess what is included here because what you get is a cool combination of both a white chocolate mocha alongside a normal chocolate mocha and the result is of course something that is black and white. Some places may use the term penguin mocha instead.

7.Green eye

OK so what do you do if you love your espresso? Well that is easy because you ask for a green eye as this will give you three shots of espresso in a normal drip coffee. Sound powerful? You better believe it.


8.Super cream frappuccino

OK so you should not have this if you are on a diet because it involves a frappuccino that has half a cup of whipped cream included in it. The result is something that tastes closer to a smoothie rather than anything else, but boy is it good.

9.Biscotti frappuccino

In order to get this pretty amazing drink you do need to buy the biscotti and then get the barista to work their magic. What they will do is blend it into any frappuccino you like with the result being a drink that has that bit of crunch to it.


10.Raspberry cheesecake

Nope this is not the dessert, but instead it is something that is even better. It involves a white chocolate mocha, some raspberry, some whipped cream, and a bit of vanilla. It really is as rich and tasty as it sounds, but just have the one to avoid becoming addicted.

11.Chocolate Dalmatian

Well this is certainly going to get your taste buds going because it is a white chocolate mocha that comes complete with some chocolate chips and java chips on top to give that spotted effect. You have to admit that it does sound pretty amazing.


12.Cake batter frappuccino

This is actually a lot better than it sounds because it is vanilla and hazlenut flavors in your coffee and that does sound more appetizing than cake batter. However, it is the color and the way it is presented that largely gives it its name, so the taste is certainly much better than the way it looks.


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