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Strange People At McDonalds

Sunday, Aug 16, 2020, 10:24 am

1.Horse Head

When it comes to an eclectic atmosphere, this surely ranks high on the late night stoner food run list. we have a crazed black man in his kid pajamas, a couple of frat boys, but topping it off with a half human, half ass right before your eyes. Never enter the premisses without your cell phone camera.

2.Strike A Pose

Move over Errol Flynn, because there is a new form of seduction in the house. What girl could say no to any romeo with this kind of lack of self awareness? Better super size it for this fella. Its a wonder what the person waiting in back of him is thinking while witnessing this. "I knew I should have went to Burger King!"

3.Got Enough Fries

Looks as if these people haven't had a McDonalds fries in a while. These kids obviously have control over their parents and not the other way around. You know you are in a classy joint when they will even serve this many pounds of such crap. Of course there is pounds of candy for desert coming.

4.Want It That Bad

Some People just gotta have it, and as soon as the doors open they are diving in. This scene has to make any person of sound mind worry about the state of humanity. This is a great example of how there are addictive qualities in this pure junk food. No wonder the elite look at the mass public as nothing more than cattle.

5.Farting On Ronald McDonald

This picture really puts a new spin on the term happy meal. It truly is amazing how creative people can get when it comes to juvenile crudeness. And to think that magical moments like this were being missed all those years before camera phones and the internet. Now we can share them with the whole world.

6.Giddie Up Drive Through

Is that Paul Revere or George Washington? No, its little johnny from next door grabbing some burgers in the drive though, or ride through. Now that is certainly not something you see everyday. Watch out if you are breaking behind this guy, because its safe to safe his break lights are out.

7.See Through Pants

You are definitely not any closer to having your muscles show for real when eating at McDonald's. It looks this girl wants to show everyone that she does have muscles, even though she doesn't eat healthy. Maybe it's guilt or maybe she is just crazy. McDonald's seems to attract these types of people



There are some benefits to waiting in line and this young lady obviously wants those behind her to be ok with how long it takes her to order. hopefully she will keep you waiting long enough for you to realize just what it is you are about to eat, and hopefully turn around and walk out the door.

9.Clown Beating

This kid knows whats coming and probably needs a good swat in the back of the head. When there ain't no daddy around to do it, good old Ronald will take the job. This silly youth will probably be working at this ill fated establishment in no time, and work his way up to the clown suit.


10.Basket Head

Either this guy is mentally handicapped or his laundry session got pretty frustrating, as well as hungry. The crew behind the counter seem to have gotten a real kick out of his shenanigans. Perhaps if you don't have a helmet, maybe this is your next best thing when walking into a McDonald's.

11.Baby Pictures

This father just couldn't help showing everyone on FaceBook how messy his kid is. Luckily someone snapped this pic show the world what a class act father he appears to be. McDonald's just wouldn't be the same if it didn't have some child, or adult, throwing food across the room.


12.Changing Baby

What better way to show everyone how well you can multitask than by changing your baby in the middle of McDonald's. Not only does this mommy have her hands full but she certainly has a belly full. This little girl must be wondering why everyone is awkwardly looking at her family.


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