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Strangest Lawn Ornaments

Sunday, Aug 23, 2020, 3:35 pm

1.Now Why Didn't We Think Of That?

Pink plastic Flamingos and a snowman. The owner of this home looks high on her own decorating abilities or maybe she was high when she came up with the idea in the first place?

2.Bugging The Neighbors

The best lawn decorations are those that cast shadows over the walls, particularly over the neighbors walls. It just adds a bit of punch to the whole arrangement.

3.dead bodies

Yes! This is a lawn ornament. How odd, but then it was for Halloween. Still, we wonder what a stir this dead body caused on the street? The opportunities are endless.


This home-owner has added a bit of whimsy to their choice of lawn ornament. A Pink Flamingo wrestles with two gremlins. Both ingenious and strange.

5.Creepy Or Arty?

This lawn ornament is joined to the post box. It kind of leaves the viewer with mixed feelings. It is somewhat charming or somewhat creepy?

6.Junk Or..

With this lawn ornament we can see how one man's trash can be another's treasure. Or featured lawn decoration. Either way this is not exactly a lawn ornament a lot of people would enjoy.

7.Creepy Lawn Ornaments

This lawn decoration is just scary all round. The staring blue eyes of the head ornament and is that a person on the steps? Or, is it a doll?


8.Story Book Lawn

Again we have a keen lawn decorator. This time the use of organic material has been used to create an entire scene. The tortoise walks to the boat, but a piece of seaweed stands in the way of his goal. Whilst in the background a Deer's head has a bath. Okay, maybe that scene didn't make that much sense.


This beautiful bird bath shows at least a bit of taste when it comes to lawn ornaments. Some people at least have a bit of class or imagination. Which one do you have?


10.Horror Lawns

Once again these zombie Gnomes really seem to be making a huge comeback. Just imagine how many gardens will be littered with these!

11.Flesh Eating Gnomes

You either love them or hate them. The Garden Gnome has been popular for decades but many people hated their corny demeanor. Now, there are flesh eating flamingo destructive Gnomes which may gather an occult following?


12.Plastic Bath Ducks

The nice thing about having your own lawn is that it is another space to decorate. Here this proud home-owner has created an entire scene complete with fishing boy and color coordinated ducks. Don't miss the crouching cats either!


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