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Stupid Guys Doing Duck Face

Friday, Aug 21, 2020, 9:41 am

1.As cool as chili sauce

This guy thinks that he has it all from the cap to the shades to the pout, but two out of three is still pretty good. Sadly the pout pulls everything else down and he was doing so well up until that point.

2.No contest

See with women the duck face come naturally whereas with guys it just makes us look as if we have developed some kind of medical condition in our face. We seem to overdo the lips and stick them out like a plunger.

3.Point and laugh

This is the kind of image where you just have to point and laugh at the guy in question because he is trying to look all gangster style, but it is just not working on so many levels. Instead, we look at him and wonder just how he views himself because that is going to be vastly different from how we do.

4.Just forget about it guys

What this shows is that guys really do need to stop trying to do the duck face because it does not work from any angle. It tells you all you need to know when somebody that is doing the open mouth pose looks better.

5.Does he look impressed?

This guy is surrounded by these hot women and all he is bothered about is trying to do his own duck face. The result is that he does not look impressed by what is around him and in actual fact our eyes are drawn to him as we wonder what he is doing rather than looking at the hot chicks.

6.Leave it to the woman

Even if you are a guy and you have the cheekbones to pull it of this photograph shows that you still need to leave it to women. All that this guy has done is made it appear as if he is saying ooohhhhh rather than pouting.

7.Famous duck face

This is Zayn from One Direction and even he cannot do the duck face correctly. Instead, he just looks like he is chewing something and the photograph just caught him in the act.


8.Duck a la orange

This is what duck a la orange looks like and the duck face and the color are not the best of combinations. This guy is trying to be all serious, but he has failed even at that because instead we now look at him puzzled as to what is going on.

9.You look puzzled

This guy has tried to do the duck face, but all he has ended up doing is looking as if he is puzzled about something instead. This is certainly not a good look to have at any point in your life and it really is just a huge fail.


10.Stop!! It just does not work

What this shows is that you can actually be a handsome looking guy and the duck face look still does not work for you. Instead, it can remind you of a child that is unhappy and is pulling a face and that is not the kind of thing that is going to attract a mate is it?

11.You just look bored

This guy just looks bored in this photo, so at least he has managed to capture some of the essence of the duck face even though it is still a poor attempt. Let's just face it, this pose is just not good for guys in general.


12.Is this even necessary?

This is the kind of duck face where you wonder if it is actually necessary to do the pose in the first place. The guy just looks as if he is trying to fart as he has far too much lips going on to pull off the pose.

13.A completely failed attempt

This is what you call a failed attempt at the duck face because instead he is doing some kind of strange smile thing where even that has not worked out the way it should. Even the fact that the woman in front is doing a stupid face is not enough to take our eyes off the chaos behind.

14.Ahhh my eyes!!!

This is the kind of duck face that you will have nightmares over because you know that he is actually being serious with this pose, but then it is impossible for us to take him seriously in return. Not only is he orange, but those glasses are like satellite dishes, and the pose just rounds everything off.

15.A poor attempt

This duck face comes across as being very half-hearted and it is almost as if he gave up just as this image was being taken. He just does not look that impressed by it all, but then neither are we.

16.Gangster style

This guy just looks stupid because you get the feeling he is doing this duck face in order to make himself look like he is some kind of tough guy, hence him doing the two fingers pose as well, but it just does not work that way. Instead, people will just point and stare at him.

17.You just look sleazy

This guy just manages to make himself look quite sleazy with his duck face rather than looking cool or hot. It really is not a good look at all for him and the entire image is just made worse by the fact it is a selfie in a public bathroom.

18.Looks like he is in pain

This is like the extended duck face look and it just leads to it looking even sillier than ever before. This guy has a nose thing going on as well and his entire face is affected by his quest to achieve the perfect duck face, but he has to keep trying harder.

19.Looking constipated

This duck face makes the guy look as if he is actually constipated more than anything else and the woman to his left must be glad that she has been cut out of the picture. What was he even trying to achieve with this look? Does he know he just looks mad?

20.So much wrong

There is just so much wrong about this image in general that you do not know where to begin. The duck face does not tie in with everything else that is going on and why is there a gun involved???

21.Just a huge fail

The duck face itself is a massive fail with this guy, but then throw in the cap at an angle and the overall pose and you have an even bigger fail than you thought was possible. This guy probably thinks he is cool, but he is as cool as boiling water.

22.The duck is better at it

In this image it is pretty obvious that the duck is better at the duck face than this guy. Instead of pouting he looks as if he has just managed to fall against the duck hitting his testicles off the duck.

23.Looking sexy..not

This is the attempted sexy duck face pout, but it just does not work when you are a guy. Instead, you just look creepy and girls will run away from you as fast as their high heel shoes will allow them.

24.It's just not good

This picture is actually very scary to look at because boy does he have a pout going on here. Those lips would give even Mick Jagger a run for their money and that is saying something considering the size of them.


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