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Superhero Body Painting

Wednesday, Aug 19, 2020, 4:33 pm

1.The Hulk

The real Hulk would make the same expression as this model if he saw this imitation. Aside from being larger than life, the painter couldn't even get the one glaring feature of The Hulk correct. The green paint used here resembles a forest. Meanwhile The Hulk from Marvel has always been light green. This Hulk looks like he's caught something while voyaging through the jungle. -

2.Captain America

Captain America is representing for the red, white and blue. The body paint on this get-up is hunky-dory! The little nuances of dark and light blues with white give the model a muscle-bound look. His six-pack abs is faker than a pair of Nikes at a thrift store, but it adds a 3D element to the costume. Too bad he didn't paint his finger tips or wear red gloves. -

3.Captain Planet

This guy must have run out of paint for his stomach area. Without the Captain Planet clothes, this guy would look like a zombie creature. There's nothing about this body paint that makes it unique to the Captain Planet character. Men roam around with green hair all the time, so that can't even qualify as a one-of-a-kind feature. -


Never fear, Batman is here! Even though he looks more like a robber with the Batman symbol on his chest, the effort is there. The artist just slathered this model in black paint and threw a cape and mask on him. There's no depth or intricacy to the actual body paint. In fact, if it wasn't for the bat ears, he would look like Tarzan got stuck in a tar pit. -


Move over Spiderman, here comes Spiderwoman. The webbing design on the costume is very different from the original Spiderman concept. Then again, this is a female costume. The body paint would've looked better if more of her chest area had the webbing pattern. Somebody should put this model on notice that she'll never be able to leap around NYC in those heels. -

6.Iron Man

This Iron Man body paint is amazing. The painter took the time to draw each and every detail on the Marvel costume. Even the pants, which are painted on, look real. You gotta feel sorry for the person who uses the bathroom after this guy; it'll probably look like a massacre took place. -


This model is supposed to be the hot-headed Wolverine, but she looks like an angry bumblebee instead. Any kid who watched X-Men in the 90s knows this is how Wolverine originally looked. And the paint job for this costume was done well enough to recognize the character. However, this Wolverine's downfall is the poorly painted belt and underwear. -



This is one Superman who seemingly spends more time in the gym than saving the world. Due to the model's broadness, the 'S' on his chest looks like a snake as opposed to that infamous Superman symbol. It also doesn't help that his chest looks uneven because he's flexing his arm. The great thing about this model and the body paint is he could take on the role as the Man of Steel without even having to wear a specially made costume.

9.Dark Phoenix

Dark Phoenix isn't the most popular superhero, but this paint jobs makes you want to learn more. The lines aren't jagged or rough like some body paint jobs. And even with the phoenix emblem painted in the middle of her chest, the models breasts still go undetected. The body paint is incredible, but Dark Phoenix is identified for her vibrant red hair and curves; both of which this model lacks. -


10.Ms. Marvel

Ms. Marvel looks like a scared raccoon thanks to this paint job. The mask is flat and should have never made the cut. While her leotard looks like the real thing, her lightning stripe is deformed. Instead of blending in the stripe so her chest doesn't pop out at you, the painter widened it so that's all you notice when you look at her. -

11.Female Green Lantern

Who says woman can't play male superheroes? Well this picture certainly confirms that they can't. From the neck up, this model looks like a gorgeous female rendition of The Green Lantern. But from the neck down, the body paint makes her figure look masculine. Next year, this model should consider dressing up as a bodybuilder for Halloween. -



Storm looks like an angry ghost rather than a superhero, but her body is amazing! Her chest area resembles a genuine breast plate and her endless curves make her catsuit look real. The shimmer on the suit also gives off a leather effect, much like the real costume. One downfall of this body paint is that her belly button is painstakingly obvious, which should have been easy to cover since her costume is black. -

13.Wonder Woman

This Wonder Woman let it all hang out. Her athletic build is much different from the real superhero, but at the same time it makes the body paint look seamless. The good news is the painter did a good job of mimicking the comic book costume. The bad news is you can drive a truck through the space between her chest. -

14.Green Lantern

This guy has a realistic Ken doll body. The Green Lantern body paint gives this male the illusion of a well-sculpted body, equipped with six-pack abs. The shading around his shoulders and abs give his costume a three-dimensional feel. This would be a flawless costume if the male's left pec didn't hang down like a cow's otter.


This Supergirl costume is a super win. The body paint blends in with the fabric skirt seamlessly. Additionally, the paint enhances the model's figure. The 'S' on her chest is a little distorted, but men all over the world won't mind that too much. This costume would have never worked if Honey Boo Boo's mom was wearing it.


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