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Teenage Bucket List

Saturday, Aug 22, 2020, 9:43 am

1.Drastically Change Your Look

When you live under your parents' roof you have to abide by their rules. Some of those restrictions involve your style. So when teens get old enough they can't wait to change their look to something that is more in line with how they feel, or they want to make a statement.

2.Lose Virginity

This is a big one. Losing one's virginity is very important. Some teens can't wait to have sexual intercourse, feeling like it makes them an adult, but it really doesn't, and often times they are disappointed. However, for teen couples who have been together for a while and are in love, and over eighteen, it can be a beautiful experience.

3.Get A Boyfriend/Girlfriend

Once puberty hits, teen boys and girls start looking for a boyfriend or girlfriend. It's like clockwork. It's also acceptance. If everyone has a one then you feel left out. You long for someone to like you and want to hold your hand as you walk down the halls of school.

4.Get A Job

A first job sounds exciting when you're a teen, because they can't wait to grow up and have their own lives. Little do they know this is the beginning of a lifetime of work, but getting a job does offer a lot of freedom for a teen. They don't have to ask their parents for every dime to buy an ice cream, an iPhone or clothes.

5.Go Skinny Dipping

Skinny Dipping is another sense of freedom that teens dream about. It's not that they can't wait to be naked, but it's a type of rebellion and liberation that comes with stripping down and jumping into the water with your friends, or even a girlfriend. It's like you're nude together but not really looking.

6.Study Abroad

Studying abroad is on a lot of teen's bucket lists. It offers much more than academic knowledge. They get to explore another culture and immerse themselves in it entirely. Well traveled young adults are far more advanced than those that are just book smart. And, history class is all that more interesting if you've been to the places mentioned in the boks.

7.Move Into Own Place

Another big even in a teen's life is moving into their own place. Once they graduate high school they can either move into a dorm if they're going to college, or get their own apartment if they've entered the work force. Those first few nights of freedom are the first signs of adulthood.


8.Get Driver's License

Getting a driver's license is a monumental event for a teen. Up until then, they had to rely on their parents to get everywhere that wasn't in walking distance. A ride to school, the mall, the movies or a friend's house, was always a negotiation. A driver's license is a slice of freedom.

9.Pull An All Nighter

Every teen can't wait to pull an all nighter. They've lived with curfews all their lives. Rules, rules, rules, but someday they will be able to stay up as long as they want and stay out as long as they wish. That first all nighter, when you're still partying when the sun comes up, is magical.


10.Sleep Under The Stars

The idea of sleeping under the stars never gets old. As a kid, we may have loved to camp out in our own backyard or even go camping with our family, but as a teen, it's on our bucket list of things to do with our friends. Maybe pitch a tent on the beach, or at a campsite and fall asleep looking up at the constellations.

11.Fall In Love

Teens haven't been jaded by life yet. They think that when they grow up, life will just be grand. They can't wait to meet that someone special and fall in love. It's true that your first love is one that you will never forget and is so strong, it feels like it overtakes every cell in your body.


12.Take A Road Trip

Taking a road trip with your friends, when your a teen, seems like a dream come true. No parents, no rules and just open road. It's definitely one that's on a lot of teens' bucket lists and if it isn, it will be on their adult bucket list. Everyone should experience a road trip at least once in their lives.


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