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12 Amazing Pictures Of Things Cut In Half

Wednesday, Jul 13, 2022, 9:52 am

How do things look like when they are cut in half? This is a useless yet curious question! Some people are born curious. This topic is specifically for them! People who have a biological or medical educational background already know the concept of dissection. They cut many things in half to study them. We are now talking about cutting our day-to-day life's things in half. Aren't you really curious to see how they look like from the inside, when cut in half? Car, toothpaste, noodle bowl, photocopier, etc. Check 12 such amazing pictures of things cut in half!

A stalagmite cut in half reveals the intricate design inside. You would never imagine it to look the way it does, but each one is different and each one tells its own story. Cutting things in half is a great way to understand and delve deeper into the creation of things.

2.Noodle Bowl

You know those noodle bowls you put in the microwave and then dig in with chopsticks for a nice lunch? Well, this is what it all looks like sitting in the bowl, before you stir it all up. A very cool picture indeed, as we see most of the sauce settled at the bottom.

Noodle Bowl-12 Amazing Pictures Of Things Cut In Half


A cool way to see what a car looks like from front to back. You've got the engine then the passenger cab and then the trunk of this cool looking sports car. When you look at it this way it looks like more of a machine than the comfy ride we just expect to transport us from point A to point B.

4.Copy Machine

How many times have you banged on a copy machine because the paper got stuck? Well, this is what's going on inside. When the machine is cut in half you see just what an amazing machine it actually is. Bins of paper, cartridges of ink, and a plethora of parts all working in sync to print your page.

Copy Machine-12 Amazing Pictures Of Things Cut In Half

5.Human Skull

Yep, this is what we look like cut in half. Here we can see the spinal cord leading up to the brain, our sinus cavities, tongue and esophagus. It's really interesting to see it from this point of view and realize how it all works together to make us function every single day.

Human Skull-12 Amazing Pictures Of Things Cut In Half


As Bruno Mars says, "I'd catch a grenade for you, ya, ya." This is a grenade cut in half, and we get to see how it actually works. The pin hanging inside is what detonates the grenade. When you pull that pin you better run and run far. A scary item to see inside of.

7.Bee Hive

A bee hive cut in half is just as scary looking as a whole hive, but we get to see how it all works when the bees go inside. The honeycomb in full view, it's quite amazing that they actually built this maze and it is perfectly sized for each bee to fit inside a slot.



In this cross section of a pig, we see it's insides like we've never been able to before. Typically, if a pig was dissected, it would be lying on it's back. This shows the pig standing and how its organs fall naturally within the body. It is actually quite amazing.

Pig-12 Amazing Pictures Of Things Cut In Half

9.Termites Nest

This disgusting cross section is of a termites nest. If you look closely you can see them in there, digging, burrowing, and all working together. Some are in the larvae stage and some are full grown, but they are all equally disgusting and something you really don't want in your home.

Termites Nest-12 Amazing Pictures Of Things Cut In Half


10.Camera Lens

In this intricate slicing, we see the cross section of a camera lens. Look at all the different fiber optics, pieces of metal and other working tumblers, that all go into focusing your lens and shooting a picture. We actually never realize how much goes into that one good shot.

Camera Lens-12 Amazing Pictures Of Things Cut In Half

11.Barbecue Pit

In this amazing photo we see what a barbecue pit looks like cut in half. Here we see the coals burning and the flame reaching up to cook the succulent beef above. We even see the burgers cooking from the bottom up. It gives us a great idea of how it all works.

Barbecue Pit-12 Amazing Pictures Of Things Cut In Half


We always imagined what it looks like inside that toothpaste tube. Come on, admit it. Well, now you know. It's amazing what cross sections of common things look like. A tube of toothpaste cut in half reveals the different flavors, gel mixing with paste, and it's really an intricate design.
The section looks interesting, right? Well, you can try it if you want to! You are only going to waste a toothpaste tube, but that's not at all a bad thing to do to satisfy and fulfill your curiosity! Hey, do this only if your toothpaste has multiple layers. A plain-white toothpaste doesn't look interesting at all when you cut it in half. 
If you are little intelligent, you can still use the half-cut toothpaste tube instead of throwing it in a garbage can! 

Toothpaste-12 Amazing Pictures Of Things Cut In Half


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