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Things To Consider Before Accepting A New Job

Friday, Aug 28, 2020, 10:06 am


Your work commute should play a large role in your decision to take a new job. If you will be spending more than an hour in your car each way, it may not be the best location for you. A thirty minute commute each way is about the most acceptable, if you want to have a life outside of your job.


Check out how much privacy you will have in your new job. Will you have your own office, your own cubicle, or will you sit in a pit with other employees? Will you have your own computer, your own phone and even your own desk? These are things that you want to know before you start.

3.Room For Growth

Make sure there is room for growth when deciding on a new job. You don't want to get stuck in a dead end with no place to go. While this new job may be a step up from a job that you already have, if there is nowhere else to go from there you may find yourself scouring the help wanted ads sooner than you'd like.

4.Company History

Learn the company history. Research its reputation, its successes and its failures. This is important to know if you want to grow with a company and if you stay there long term. it is also great to throw out some facts at an interview to ingratiate yourself with the hiring manager.

5.Employee History

Find out the employee history at your potential new job. What is the turnover rate for employees. You want to land somewhere that has happy employees who stick around for more than a year or two. If you see a turnaround rate of less than a year, maybe look elsewhere.

6.Ability To Be Autonomous

Will you have the ability to work autonomously or will you be micro-managed? This is a tough one and you need to ask the right questions. A good place to start is by asking what your job expectations are and what resources are available to you and what the ratio of manager to employee is.

7.Salary Review Schedule

Ask the hiring manager what the review schedule is. While you may be offered a great salary to start, if they do not have regular reviews and raises, you could fall below what you should be making in an year. It is very important to discuss this with the manager before taking the job.


8.Internet Policy

Find out what the internet policy is. Can you use the internet for your job, is it okay to check private emails, can you check your social networks during the day? These are all important questions to ask so that you know what the expectations are before you start the job.


Check out the office hierarchy before accepting a job. Sometimes job titles mean different things and in one particular office the Office Manager rules supreme and in another they are more like a secretary. It's a good idea to know what you are getting into before quitting your old job.


10.The Culture

Work culture is important as well. If you don't fit into the work culture, it may not work out. When you go for an interview take the time to check out the office culture. How do they dress, what is the vibe, and how is the office set up. You can even ask the hiring manager what the office culture is as well.


One of the perks of getting a full time job is getting benefits, such as health coverage, dental, 401K plan, and more. Check out what your new employer offers when deciding to accept a new job. Some companies offer much better benefits than others and this can be your deciding factor.



Salary is an important consideration when accepting a new job. While you may like the job, your new boss, or location, if the salary is not going to cover your bills, it might not make sense. So make sure what they offer you is what you need to live on.


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