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Things To Know About Plastic Surgery

Tuesday, Aug 10, 2021, 7:14 pm

1.More you need it, the less you like it.

If you are the type of person that desperately needs to have plastic surgery, then there is a greater chance of you not then liking what has been done and feeling disappointed by the whole experience. It is best for you to not build your hopes up as much as you perhaps want to because that way disappointment will no longer be an issue.

2.Board certified is not always best.

You would be forgiven for thinking that if they say they are board certified, then that stands for a lot, but in actual fact that is not the case. Being board certified does not mean that much and you need to focus more on the experience that they have rather than them saying how good they are or boasting about something that does not really count.

3.Surgery and mental issues?

Believe it or not, but there appears to be a link between plastic surgery and mental issues. Indeed, there was a rather bizarre thing where women with breast implants were more likely to commit suicide after it, so it has to be linked to the disappointment of it not turning out like they hoped it would.

4.It doesn't last for life.

Implants, lifts, or anything else will only tend to last for a certain period of time before mother nature starts to take control again and things change. You have to remember that the implants will change shape and sag, so you will always need to have things tightened and changed to keep them looking healthy.

5.Women get face lift earlier than men

This is probably not a big surprise, but women will tend to get a face lift a lot earlier than men. The average age for a woman is 55 while for a man it is 65 and of course there are also less guys that get this done as well.

6.Revision surgery has soared.

The scary part is that apparently revision surgery has increased by almost 40% in the last couple of years. This is where somebody is going back to a plastic surgeon who then has to work on improving the bad quality work that was carried out by another surgeon, so surely it makes sense to take some time in choosing the surgeon.

7.Latest technology is not always best.

We are all drawn in by the promise of using the latest technology and how brilliant it is and there is no doubt that it can speed up the surgery or recovery times. However, because it is new there are some things that can be done where we have no idea what the long term effects are going to be and do you want to be a guinea pig?


8.Bargains could lead to problems.

Of course you can shop around with plastic surgery as different surgeons do indeed charge different rates, but you need to be careful because a bargain does not always work out best. Instead, they could use poorer quality materials and it could actually lead to problems with your health.

9.Botox can be learnt in a weekend.

The scary part about botox, and other very small and quick procedures, is that they can actually be learnt and the person becomes qualified to do them in a weekend. You would imagine that it would take a lot of training, but it does not, so perhaps just look for somebody with a lot of experience first.


10.Kissing a guy feels different after lip implants

If you get your lips injected in order to make them appear to be more full, then it does alter your sensitivity and kissing a guy is going to feel different for a bit. However, this does die down after a period of time, and then it is like learning how to kiss them all over again once you regain full feeling.

11.You can gain weight after lipo.

This may sound rather crazy, but you can gain some weight after you have had liposuction. This surely goes against every single reason as to why you are getting it in the first place, but it does happen, so do not step on those scales straight away or you could be in for a major disappointment.


12.You can get addicted to it.

Yes you can actually get addicted to having plastic surgery done in pretty much the same way as people can become addicted to having a tattoo. This can of course lead to it becoming a very expensive addiction as people will get all kinds of things done to their body just to satisfy their craving.


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