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Things You Don't Know About One Direction

Saturday, Aug 29, 2020, 7:21 pm

1.David Beckham

Niall was totally starstruck when he got to meet David Beckham, but the other guys were a bit annoyed if they missed out on it. This photograph must be in the pride of place for Niall, but it would be the exact same for any of us if we met him.

2.Tour bus

They say that the guys never sleep in hotel rooms, but instead they prefer to sleep on their tour bus and when it looks like this inside you can kind of understand why. It is seriously luxurious and you cannot blame them for never wanting to leave it.


Liam states that the scariest thing that he has ever had to eat was a fish that he actually caught himself. That is a bit strange because there are a whole host of other things out there that are a lot worse than a fish, so he needs to experience more food perhaps.

4.Time travel

A wish of Louis is that he could time travel although to when and why is not really something that has been discussed. He just has this fascination of skipping through history, but how many of us have wanted to do this as well at some point?


His nickname in the band is the rather obvious Zayn Meister and it is certainly a lot better than the other options that could have been used. However, with this photograph perhaps quiff boy should have been more appropriate with the size of the thing.


Out of the guys they say that both Liam and Louis are the most romantic by quite a considerable distance. This is maybe not that big of a surprise considering the reputation that Niall and Harry have, but they come across as the type that would go that extra mile.

7.Jay Z

They are used to meeting stars, but apparently when Jay Z popped up there was undoubtedly a case of them being star struck. Liam in particular froze when he met him since he is music royalty while the guys are still learning about the industry.



They seem to like tattoos, but apparently when getting his latest one done, Liam had to have his mother with him. You could say awww to that part, or you could wonder why he did it because surely his mother would not want that as a day out.


Liam used to be seriously insecure to the extent that he felt he could not even have a conversation with members of his own family. However, all of the people that he has to talk to now has helped him to overcome that problem simply by being forced to do so.


10.Changing minds

Niall is the one in the group that is terrible at making decisions. The others say that he will decide something, then regret it almost immediately and then spend his time trying to work his way out of the predicament that he now feels he is in.


You would think that with their fame and money they would be happy, but apparently Louis is a bit of a mums boy. In actual fact he feels very bad about leaving her behind in order to be part of the group, but surely his mother is just proud of her son.



It may come as a surprise to find out that the guys say that Niall is the Ladies man on the group. Everybody automatically assumes it is Harry, but that is not actually true just he is a bit more high profile about his experiences with the Ladies.


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