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Tips To Overcome Bad Body Odor

Thursday, Aug 27, 2020, 3:24 pm

1.Carry Wipes

Wipes are a great idea to carry along with you for a quick refresher. If you're going out after work, or had a long day, a few swipes of the wipes under arms in your private parts, and you will feel fresher and keep body odor at bay. It pays to be proactive before the odor permeates your clothes and is noticeable to others.

2.Stop Smoking

Along with being bad for your lungs and being one of the top causes of cancer, smoking just makes you smell. It attaches itself to your hair, your clothing, and even your car and house. You can smell a smoker before they enter a room, and once they talk to you, their breath says it all. Quit smoking.

3.Floss Twice A day

Food that gets stuck between your teeth begins to grow bacteria. That bacteria feeds on it and excretes it causing a foul odor. In short, it gives you bad breath, often referred to as halitosis. Along with that, it eats away at your gums resulting in gingivitis. It's not enough to just brush. Floss daily, and don't forget to scrape your tongue.

4.Try Probiotics

Probiotics clean out the intestinal tract, killing bad bacteria and supporting good bacteria. As you might have guessed by the previous items, bacteria is what causes odor. Along with changing your diet, add some probiotics in the form of Kefir, special yogurts like Activia, and supplements. You should see a difference after a month.

5.Change Your diet

Body odor is a result of your digestion and its waste products that can come through your pores. Choose high quality, healthy foods instead of fast foods, processed foods, and greasy foods. Chemicals, saturated fats and grease can all cause you to give off a bad odor through your sweat glands, not to mention your breath.

6.Don't Use Deodorant

Deodorant may actually make you smell worse than if you didn't wear it at all. The odor under your arms is caused by bacteria excrement. What you probably don't know is that bacteria feed on soap and deodorant, causing them to excrete more and causing you to smell more. Try washing with just water, and if you suffer from excessive seating, use antiperspirant.

7.Wash Your Clothes After Every Wear

If you suffer from body odor, wash your clothes after each wear. This ensures that dried sweat doesn't begin to smell from the growth of bacteria on your clothes. This is especially true of undershirts, or any clothing that comes in direct contact with your skin. Toss them in the hamper after wearing them, and grab something clean.


8.Change Your Clothes Daily

Some people can get away with wearing their shirt or pants more than once, but if you suffer from body odor, make sure to only wear your clothes once. You may shower and put on that shirt for the second time, but it may have odor on it from prior wear that will come out your body heat rises throughout the day.

9.Always Wear Clean Undergarments

Change your underwear every single day, and if you exercise change them again. Underwear absorb sweat throughout the day and no matter how clean you think you are, they will accumulate odor. Toss them in the hamper and put on a fresh pair, but only after you've showered. Passing gas also leaves behind microscopic feces debris which can cause infection.


10.Stay Clean Shaven

Areas like your underarms smell better when clean shaven. Even guys should consider trimming the hairs short or shaving them to keep body odor at bay. This goes for body hair as well. Keeping body hair trimmed short will keep sweat from building up, and help keep your body smelling better and cleaner.

11.Wash Your Hair Daily

If you sweat a lot make sure to wash your hair every day. Exercise, hot weather, stress, and more can cause your head to sweat, giving off an odor. Use a mild shampoo and alternate using no shampoo every other day. Just rinsing it with warm water, will help. Use conditioner to keep your locks healthy and shiny, and smelling good.


12.Shower Daily - In The Morning & After Excercise

Forget about taking a shower at night and not in the morning. People sweat during sleep and if you suffer from any type of body odor, not washing it off in the morning will only make it worse. Underarms and any other crevices need to be washed and thoroughly dry every morning, and if you exercise later in the day, shower again.


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