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US States With Highest Population

Sunday, Aug 16, 2020, 3:41 pm

1.Virginia- 8.260,405

What can be said about Virginia other than it has beautiful countryside for miles and miles, beaches to die for, and a culture that is warm and welcoming. This eastern coastal state is smack dab in the middle of the north and south, with a fair weather climate that appeals to locals and tourists alike.

2.New Jersey - 8,899,339

Looking like a kidney bean, New Jersey has produced some of our top musicians, such as Bruce Springsteen and Bon Jovi. Gaining lots of attention from the reality television show, The Jersey Shore, Jersey is on the world map in a big way, but the locals swear they are not anything like Snooki or The Situation.

3.North Carolina - 9,848,060

North Carolina is far enough south to still have that southern hospitality feel, but north enough to have a slight edge. A beautiful coastal state, the towns and cities on the water are tourist attractions, bringing in more people to this already highly populated area, but also bringing money to the state.

4.Michigan - 9,895,622

Michigan, home to Detroit, the motor capital of the world. With Lake Michigan and Lake Huron cutting right through it, you may think Michigan is a coastal town as locals flood the beaches along their huge and glorious lakes. With the winters being cold, Michigan touches Lake Erie at its south east border, giving the state access to three great lakes for summer fun.

5.Georgia - 9.992,167

Georgia is a coastal state sitting on top of Florida, with a warm climate that delivers their famous peaches every spring. Known for the southern hospitality, Georgians are proud of where they live and the culture of each city in the state. Offering tax credits for movie shoots, producers have sought out beautiful locations there for their films.

6.Ohio - 11,570,808

Located at the bottom of beautiful Lake Erie, Ohio is a highly populated state. Home to Cedar Point, a large amusement park that is this state's Disney World. The landlocked state is home to loyal residents who love the culture and lifestyle Ohio has to offer, along with easy access to Canada.

7.Pennsylvania - 12,773,801

Pennsylvania - 12,773,801


8.Illinois - 12,882,135

Illiniois is a another top hub in the United States with television shows being taped there and a hip, young professional demographic in the city of Chicago. Known for being frigid in the winter, it doesn't deter the die hard residents who would not live anywhere else in the country.

9.Florida - 19,552,860

Florida is another state that has a high population due to those relocating. Northeastern retirees flock to Florida looking to spend the rest of their days in sunshine, warm blue waters and on the golf course. Most never leave until their dying days. Add to that the dense population in Miami alone, buzzing with the trendy younger generation, and you've got a lot of people in the thumb of the United States.


10.New York - 19,651,127

When people think of New York they think of the lights, Broadway, and the skyline, but there is more to New York state than Manhattan. New York extends north and west with many towns and cities, but the most dense population is on the island of Manhattan, where people are stacked sky high.

11.Texas - 26,448,193

Texas ranks second in population and is becoming more and more popular every year. With Austin becoming the new Hollywood, with a great music scene, the younger generation are relocating in droves. From the Gulf Coast to the inland cities, the state is widespread and diverse, and is the second largest state in the United States, after Alaska.


12.California - 38,332,521

California tops the charts ranks the highest in population as of July 1, 2013. With 38,332,521 people in the large state, covering most of the west coast of the United States, people flock there by the thousands in search of sunshine, the coast and stardom ... and most never want to leave.


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