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Unbelievable Medical Mistakes

Friday, Aug 14, 2020, 1:08 pm

1.Not enough anesthetic

Perhaps one of the scariest things has to be waking up during surgery. However, due to other drugs they are paralyzed and cannot speak, so they are feeling all of the pain and cannot tell anybody. This happens to 1 in every 1000 people, but very few actually end up feeling pain and are just aware of what is going on.

2.Wrong eye

A 3 year old kid has a wandering eye, so an operation is arranged to fix it. Amazingly, the surgeon manages to operate on the wrong eye and does not even notice at any point in the procedure. Apparently operating on the wrong part happens seven times a day in the US.

3.Wrong tubes

After a child was born three months premature and after contracting a disease that affected their intestines, they had to have some medication sent via a tube into their stomach. However, they also had another tube to administer medication into their bloodstream. Somehow they managed to mix up the tubes and the stomach medication went into her veins and killed her.

4.Burnt throat

A guy in the US had a balloon put into his throat to stop various anesthetic gases from coming up from his lungs. However, a laser ends up bursting the balloon and the gases enter his throat, but the surgeon does not stop. The laser generates heat resulting in it igniting and leaving him now only being able to do anything through a plastic tube.

5.Wrong blood

Due to requiring surgery to solve a stomach issue, a gentleman also required a blood transfusion. However, the problem was that they gave him the wrong type of blood, so his body thought it was being invaded. The mixup ends up killing the guy.

6.Honest it's flu

If a 7 year old is whacked in the head with a baseball you would think that they would be checked out. However, when it happened to Morgan McCracken the doctor at this hospital did not bother to check anything and merely said she had flu. It turns out she had a blood clot on her skull and required life saving surgery.

7.Killed by air

Blake Fought was 19 years old and looking forward to going home from hospital. All that they had to do was to remove a tube from his chest, but nurses did not follow the correct procedure and even had him in the wrong position. The result was that air got into his bloodstream and Blake ended up dying as a result.


8.Bad transplant

An 18 year old called Joshua Hightower was on the waiting list for a new kidney. One was found, but they quickly realized that something was wrong due to the way in which Joshua became ill almost immediately. It turns out that they gave him a kidney that had been infected with rabies, but apparently they did not check if it was healthy to give to somebody or not.

9.Overdose on blood thinner.

The drug Heparin is used to thin the blood, but when the actor Dennis Quaid took his twins into hospital somebody there made an almost fatal error. You must be very careful when administering this drug because of how it changes the consistency of blood, but somebody gave the twins an overdose which was 1000 times more than they should have got. They gave an adult dose to an infant and could have killed them.


10.The bad plastic surgeon

Visiting a plastic surgeon is now relatively common, but for one woman it ended up being the biggest mistake of her life. All Marilyn Leisz wanted was to look a bit younger, so wanted her eyelids altered and that is what she got, but the problem is she is now unable to fully close her eyes.

11.Wrong drugs when pregnant

When Mareena Silva discovered that she was pregnant, but ill she went to the hospital for some help. They prescribed her antibiotics, but the pharmacy ended up giving her the wrong tablets. This happened as there was somebody with a similar name, but the major problem was that instead of an antibiotic they gave her a drug that could potentially have terminated her pregnancy.


12.Wrong patient is treated

A woman called Carrie Higuera was 3 months pregnant. She thought that she was bleeding so went to hospital. A nurse entered the room, asked if her name was Carrie to which she replied that yes it was. They then proceeded to give her an ultrasound, which is a procedure that could have increased the chances of the unborn child having leukemia. They had mixed her up with the wrong Carrie and nobody bothered to check.


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