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Unfortunately Placed Ads

Monday, Jul 4, 2022, 8:06 pm


You have to admit that this advert is just perfect for this kind of joke to be played. OK so the person is going to be posing here, but they are still just setting themselves up for people replicating this pose on a regular basis.

2.Bad, so bad

So here is the front page of a newspaper with a tragic story on it followed by an advert that manages to replicate the probable noise that was being mad as the guy fell to his death. This is something that you can only cringe at because of how insensitive it is.


This advert appears to have no sympathy at all because there she has discovered that her sister has killed herself and all the other person can do is a sarcastic oops. Surely somebody in the magazine would have noticed this?


If there is a story about people falling sick at a restaurant, then surely the last thing you want to see is an advert for that particular restaurant? That is what has happened here, but they made it worse by allowing you to eat for free. Mmm

5.What is The World Coming To?

Again another case of subliminal advertising? One can start to sympathize with those men who seek their very first girlfriends thanks to clicking on this advert. You wonder how many hits they ended up getting as well.

6.Military Discounts

At least this company on the right understands his needs and offers a discount. The timing of it is certainly unfortunate to say the least, but that is down to bad luck rather than them being insensitive.

7.A Good Old Wash Down

At least after having visited the Boobie Bungalow you can go for a good old cleanse? You have to admit that both of these adverts kind of go so well together even though one would be rather annoyed by the other.



Ooh! Okay we get it. It's a hidden underworld advert for well you know? That thing involving arousal and feces. 'Mm.. fabulous!" It's all a delicate issue, but how unfortunate are they to have this advert at this spot with all of that mud going around?

9.Advertising for All Needs

It's appalling! Parents can even hire hit-men to ear mark their naughty babies. Advertising has really gone too far because they are now just putting it up there quite blatantly and allowing us to decide for ourselves if this is what we want to do.


10.Prevention is Better Than Cure?

Reebok could argue that if he had experienced more cushion on his feet? Perhaps not. OK it linked to sport, but it is the wording of the advert that is the most unfortunate aspect at this moment in time.

11.Einstein The Show-Off

Not the best spot to place a free IQ test on. Einstein even had the cheek to pull his tongue out too. Clearly this is just unfortunate, but that does not take away from the fact that the story and the advert just do not go together.


12.Why am I Being Followed?

This truck probably wondered why no one bothered to overtake him, ever! However, we all know the reason why and it is due to those two rather large things on her chest.

13.Life is Bent

Is this a case of subliminal advertising? Perhaps that is why so many men's heads are bent these days? You have to admit that the photograph in the advert is probably about as inappropriate as it is possible to be.

14.Ugh! So Cruel!

In the underworld this is how we deal with cute little cherub babies that cry! You really could not have placed either of these adverts in a worse position than this.

15.Turkish Airlines

We always thought planes went up and up? Perhaps the advert guy glued it on the wrong way? The last thing you want with a plane is the idea of it going nose first into the ground.

16.Excellent Market Strategy

We have to give this company top marks for understanding a truly definite market growth area. However, what happens if you have bad eyesight and do indeed move closer?


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