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Unknown Mark Zuckerberg Facts

Friday, Aug 21, 2020, 5:17 pm

1.Zuckerberg's Dog Has A Facebook

Mark Zuckerberg loves his dog more than the average person. Zuckerberg's dog, Beast, helped walk Priscilla Chan down the aisle. Both Zuckerberg and Chan are constantly writing about Beast on their respective social networking accounts. On top of that, Beast has his very own Facebook page where he "writes" about cuddling and herding things.

2.Zuckerberg was a member of Alpha Epsilon Pi

Mark Zuckerberg always likes to be a part of something. Before dropping out of Harvard, the CEO was a member of Alpha Epsilon Pi - aninternational Jewish fraternity. Alpha Epsilon Piwas founded November 7, 1913, at New York University in New York, NY. Zuckerberg's fraternity nickname was Slayer.

3.Zuckerberg Designed Wife's Wedding Ring

Websites and poorly constructed outfits aren't the only things that Mark Zuckerberg designs. Zuckerberg was the one who designed his wife Priscilla Chan's wedding ring. The ring is a ruby that has diamonds bordered on each side. Chan's ring isn't big or glamorous, but that ruby and those diamonds have to be worth a pretty penny.

4.Zuckerberg is a Lady Gaga Fan

Mark Zuckerberg may seem like a complete nerd, who only enjoys classical music, but he's actually into current music. According to his Facebook profile, Zuckerberg lists Lady Gaga as one of his favorite artists. So if you see him "putting his paws up," it's probably his ode to Lady Gaga.

5.Zuckerberg and Wife Met Near A Bathroom

Mark Zuckerberg and his wife Priscilla Chan met at one of the most random places in the world. The pair was at a party waiting for the wash room when they struck up a conversation. Zuckerberg and Chan married on May 19, 2012, after a long courtship, and they are still going strong.

6.Made Worst Dressed List in 2011

Mark Zuckerberg may love his grey shirts and stretched-out hoodies, but the rest of humanity can't stand them. In 2011, the Facebook CEO topped GQ's worst-dressed men in Silicon Valley list. He nabbed the top honor for constantly wearing baggy hoodies, jeans, t-shirts and crusty Adidas sandals. Looks like Zuckerberg needs to take some of his money and invest in a new wardrobe.

7.Owns Multiple T-Shirts of the Same Color

Mark Zuckerberg is not a Fashionista. When you're busy developing apps, websites and social networks, you don't have time to worry about your wardrobe. Zuckerberg has admitted to having several t-shirts of the same color, so he doesn't have to worry about what to wear. He admitted in an interview that he has about 20 grey t-shirts.


8.Zuckerberg is An Atheist

Don't expect to see Mark Zuckerberg in a church or celebrating Hanukkah. The CEO Zuckerberg's parents are Jewish and he was raised under that faith. He even had a bar mitzvah when he turned 13. Somehow, somewhere, Zuckerberg gave up his Jewish faith and now describes himself as an atheist.

9.Zuckerberg is Multilingual

Mark Zuckerberg's first language is English, but that's not the only language that he knows how to communicate with. If you can help develop a website like Facebook, then it's not mystifying to learn that you're multilingual. Zuckerberg can reportedly read and write five languages - English, French, Hebrew, Latin, and ancient Greek.


10.Developed Synapse Media Player

When Zuckerberg was in high school, he co-developed a music app called Synapse Media Player. Both AOL and Microsoft are said to have offered Zuckerberg one-million dollars to further develop the app. They even wanted to hire him, butZuckerberg wanted to continue his education and chose to attend Harvard University instead.

11.Zuckerberg Is Color Blind

Facebook has a basic white and blue design, and Zuckerberg's condition might have something to do with that. The Facebook CEO is red-green color blind. This means that the best color that Zuckerberg can see is blue. The head honcho once said about his condition that, "Blue is the richest color for me. I can see all of blue."


12.Developed Facemash in College

Facebook wasn't the first social website that Mark Zuckerberg developed. When he was an undergrad student at Harvard UniversityZuckerberg developed a website called "Facemash." The website asked users to rate students' attractiveness based on their dorm-directory photos. Ultimately, the website failed. It's shocking that Zuckerberg didn't get beat up for this concept.


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