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Video Game Trivia

Sunday, Aug 23, 2020, 5:53 pm

1.Chromosome 7

This chromosome in our DNA is responsible for a whole host of things including how our limbs grow. However, it is also known by the initials SHH, which stands for Sonic Hedgehog, so perhaps that explains why it was such a popular game if it was actually right there in our DNA.

2.Snake Rattle n Roll

This game for the NES was quite popular when it first came out, but did you know that it actually pays homage to something else that was popular around that time? On one level the tiles in this platform game do actually spell out the word GAMEBOY, which is rather cool when you stop and think about it.

3.Playstation 2

This is something that often amazes people, but when you loaded up the Playstation 2 you saw a series of white blocks appearing. This is actually from games because the Playstation would read the data it had saved and then populate the blocks according to that data, so things were different even if you didn't notice it.


With Pokemon, the three legendary birds are actually linked to the Spanish words for the number one, two, and three. Why they did this is a bit of a mystery, but there is no doubt that they have done it on purpose.


The character Tingle in the Zelda games looks remarkably like the guy that is the series composer. Do yourself a favor and look at this picture and then look up Koji Kondo and you will see the resemblance straight away. It really is him in cartoon form.

6.Silent Hill

This is probably the strangest piece of trivia you can imagine. The game Silent Hill is actually inspired by the movie Kindergarten Cop. If you look at the door into the building you will see it is the same and there are also movie posters throughout the game linking the two, but why it would inspire this game is certainly very strange.

7.Street Fighter 2

When Ryu does his fireball move if you look closely at the inside part of the ball you will actually see his hands in there. The most prominent part are the black wrist guards, but his full hands are still in there, although clearly they are also on the end of his wrist at the same time.



E.T for the Atari 2600 is widely accepted as being an absolutely horrible game and it is often ridiculed for just being so mind numbingly bad. However, what people do not realize is that it actually sold more copies than Space Invaders as it sold 1.5 million copies to their 1 million.


Sonic the Hedgehog initially had a human girlfriend called Madonna. Whether or not it was supposed to be linked to this Madonna is up for debate, but surely the coincidence is just too strong for it to be anybody else other than this one?



The Playstation is massive, but fewer people are aware of the fact that it was initially designed to be an actual add-on to the Super Nintendo. Just stop and think about that for a minute because how strange would it then be for that to have happened?


For some strange reason the creator of Pacman designed him as such because he wanted it to appeal to women. Why it was then a yellow circle is a bit of a mystery as there is no logical thing to think of when you see this character.


12.Clouds & Bushes

In Super Mario Bros, the clouds and bushes are both the exact same thing just in a different color. All they have done is copied it, shaded it, and stuck it somewhere because as you see in this image the bush with three peaks replicates the cloud with the three peaks.


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