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WTF Subway Fails

Thursday, Jul 7, 2022, 9:13 am

1.An everyday occurrence

The fail part about this picture is more to do with the way that the woman is just sitting there as if it is completely normal to have a soldier with a machine gun sitting beside her on the subway. Then again depending on where this picture was taken it may be more common than we think.

2.Frosting a cake?

Why on earth would you decide to use your time on the subway to frost a cake? Surely there are food hygiene issues as well as the fact it moves around so the chances of you doing a good job are greatly reduced?

3.Is this normal?

This is a guy covered in moss sitting on the subway and you have to question his sanity straight away. This is one of those moments where you wish you knew what was going through the head of the women at the side of him as she must be wondering what the hell is going on.

4.We thought he was dead??

If you have that shape of face and black hair in a side pattern it is not advisable to also go and grow a moustache. The result is that you do indeed look like Hitler and that is going to scare people on the subway.

5.Words fail us

Words do indeed fail us here because there is just no logical explanation for wearing this kind of outfit on the subway. Surely if you are into all of that stuff you carry it with you rather than taking this approach?

6.Kissy kissy

There are some things that are just best left to the bedroom and this is one of those things. At what point on the subway do you think that you need to start making out? Surely you are looking out for your stop instead?

7.It was going so well

This was going so well with her doing a dance in front of him until she lost control of her drink and he got a close up of it. The fact that it was caught on camera is just great for us as you can see the start of shock on her face and disgust on his.


8.That's not how you hold on

Somebody better mention that you need to really hold on with your hands rather than using your butt in this way. That is just so, so wrong unless she has super control over her butt cheeks.

9.It's not actually a push chair

Can somebody point out to them that it is not actually a push chair for a kid? It looks like they are wheeling around an animal in a cage rather than a child, but then everybody seems to just be ignoring it?


10.Dressed for the occasion

Well this guy is certainly dressed for the occasion, but what that occasion is has to be something that needs to be discussed. The chances are that you now have so many ideas floating around inside your head.

11.Just so so wrong

This is one of those images where you look at it and look at it even though you know you should not be doing that due to the fact that it is just so surreal. She probably is doing what you think she is doing and that is just so, so wrong on so many levels.


12.It's not a bed

Somebody better tell this guy that he is not at home and that is not his bed, but instead he is on the subway and people are looking at him. How much alcohol must he have had in order to get into this state in the first place?


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