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What Not To Buy Online

Monday, Mar 29, 2021, 10:21 am

1.Fragile Items

Fragile items are just that ... fragile. When purchasing items that can break, it is better to go to your local store and pick it up. Shipping damage is the number one reason for product returns. Be careful with whatever you choose to have shipped, and if you must, be sure to check their return policy.

2.Discounted Items

Discounted items look great online, but by the time you pay shipping, you may be paying equal or more than what you would in a store. And, beware of those offers for free samples, where you just pay shipping. You are actually paying for that tiny sample that you most likely won't like.

3.Fragrance You've Never Tried

No matter what the description of the scent, you can never be sure what it really smells like, and more importantly, what is smells like on you. Scent is very personal and never smells the same on any two people. The aroma mixes with your own body's natural scent, to produce something unique to you.


This is a far stretch if you are considering buying a car online. You lose the ability to haggle on price, test drive, and feel the car. With such an important decision, it is better to go to your local dealership and seek out the car of your dreams. Remember, you will be stuck with it for at least three to four years.

5.As Seen On TV Items

As Seen On TV products look great on TV, but when you get them home, they are typically flimsy, or not at all what was advertised. Sometimes you can get lucky, and the product performs and feels like what you saw. The best idea is to go to a local drug store and view, or touch, the product in person.

6.Prescription Drugs

There is no good way to tell what you're really getting when you order prescriptive drugs online. Unless it's a reputable company, with many reviews, that you've researched, you might be getting just about anything in those capsules. When it comes to drugs, your best bet is your local drugstore.


Buying groceries online is a crap shoot. First of all you will have someone else picking out your fruit and vegetables. We all know how we stand over the produce bins, selecting our fruit and veggies, like they were our next offspring. How can you trust that to just anyone?


8.Heavy Items

Heavy items are going to have a heavy shipping cost. No matter what you may have saved on the item online, will be made up for in shipping. It is better to go to the store yourself and pick it up, or even have it delivered, because most stores have a free delivery charge.

9.Makeup You've Never Tried

Makeup is a very personal choice. In order to look good, it must match your skin tone, eye color, etc. Unless you've already purchased a certain brand and color, it is impossible to know what will look good on your and what won't. It's better to go to the store and try the samples.



Shoes are very difficult to buy online. That's why we go to shoe stores and try on one after the other. They all never fit the same. You may be a seven in one pair, and a seven and a half in another, and yet a six and a half in another. It is impossible to know.


When was the last time you went into a clothing store, found a pair of jeans in a store, paid for them, and took them home to wear? I bet the answer is, never! We all know too well, that jean selection is extremely arduous, to say the least. We try on pair after pair of the same size, until we find one that is just right. How can you do that online?



Would you adopt a baby online? I hope the answer is no! So, why would you get a pet online. The selection of your pet is an important one. You want to meet them, get a feel for their personality, see if there is a chemistry between you, before devoting 10 to 18 years with them.


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