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Why Men Like Women Wrestling

Thursday, Jul 16, 2020, 8:12 pm

1.We love seeing them together

It is the passion with which they go about their task that really grabs one's attention. The long hair and tanned bodies also help and it does mean that we keep looking at them in situations such as this.

2.They just seem so cheeky

Female wrestlers belong to the 'Beautiful People's' brigade so make for excellent eye-candy. Cheeky smiles and even cheekier butts are always a winner.

3.The love of grappling

So much time is spent between each others legs! Possibly men get new ideas for sexy positions as they watch women fighting it out.


Two slippery wet bodies caught in mid-air as they tackle each other. Toned and feisty this is really most men's ultimate fantasy


Bikinis are an absolute must when it comes to females wrestling as are strange positions their wives could never manage. Let's face it they do tend to look very good in their bikinis.

6.There seems to be some rubbing

Look at this photograph and spot why you think men like watching women's wrestling? Is it because the referee is so good? Or is it due to the way their bodies rub up against one another.

7.So much of their bodies

Another great thing about female wrestlers is that you get to see all sorts of bits at once this is because they are so twisty. Fitness is such a turn on for a hot blooded man!


8.The positions

Of course a man is going to undress any female wrestlers in his mind. So here we have two saucy female wrestlers poised for more carnal actions (in his mind).

9.Group stuff

Women in groups is always appreciated, but when you get their strong vibe and hot backsides on show it could become all too much. See how they slip and slide over one another.


10.Potential for slip ups

This does not leave much to the imagination and of course that is going to be one thing that attracts men to it. Tight thongs, small waists and female energy fill the air.

11.Aggressive, but sexy

Perhaps it is the orgasmic expressions and aggressive energy that captures a man's attention? The power in their thighs is just amazing!


12.All muddy

Little boys love to play in the mud! Nothing changes when they grow into men. However, now they get to see juicy females playing in the mud. This is just dirty in every sense of the word.

13.Between the legs

What more could a man want? Hot sweaty female bodies entwined in a passionate embrace! It's like 50 shades of wrestling!


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