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Worlds Best Chocolate

Sunday, Aug 30, 2020, 9:09 am

1.Scharffen Berger Chocolate Maker

Using the finest cacao available, Scharffen Berger Chocolate Maker blend the beans of different origins, creating their own special chocolate taste. With a specialty in dark chocolate, these chocolates are manufactured meticulously from bean to bar. Made in small batches, the chocolate is made using artisanal methods, producing the highest quality and best tasting chocolates.

2.Daboga Organic Chocolate

Frederick Schilling began creating his own chocolate recipes in 2001, and word spread, creating a demand for more of his delicious chocolates. Using ingredients such as dried rosehips, Chilies, and Chai tea spices, a business was born. Hershey Company bought Dagoba Chocolate, which was named after the Sanskrit word for temple, in 2006.

3.Chuao Chocolatier

Prounouned Chew-Wow, Chuao Chocolate is really a wow. The first Venezuelan Chocolatier to be Southern California's premiere artisan chocolate, Chuao Chocolates was founded in 2002. Creating unique and unusual flavors is the special creation of brothers and chairmen, Chef Michael Antonorsi and Richard Antonorsi. Their roots date back to a small family farm in Venezuela that was part of the criollo cacao plantation indutsry.

4.Teuscher Chocolates of Switzerland

Seventy years ago, Dolph Teuscher began a chocolate tradition in a small town in the Swiss Alps. Using the finest cocoa with fruits, nuts and marzipan, Dolph masterfully blended together a delicious array of chocolates. Today, with more than 100 varieties, Teuscher is made in Zurich using Dolphs original recipes.

5.Godiva Chocolate

Godiva began in 1926 in Belgium, when Joseph Draps, a master chocolatier, developed a unique formula in shell molded designs. Opening a small chocolate shop in Grand Place, Brussels in central square, he was an instant success. With careful attention to detail, and the finest ingredients, his chocolate became a favorite that continues today all over the world.

6.Eclat Chocolate

Chocolatier Chirstopher Curtin began his journey toward Eclat Chocolate at the House of le Companion du Devoir in France. He was the first American to be granted the title of German Master Pastry Chef and Chocolatier in Cologne, Germany. Learning secrets and special techniques from the finest chocolate houses, Eclat Chocolate was born.

7.Chocolat Moderne

Located in New York City, native New Yorker Joan Coukos is the CEO of Chocolat Modern. On a trip to Brussels in 2000, she was mesmerized by their hand made chocolates and began making her own creations in her kitchen in Manhattan. After sharing them with co-workers and receiving rave reviews, she began studying chocolate and confectionery arts and soon founded Chocolat Modern.


8.Charles Chocolate

With their Salty Sweet Cashew bar winning the 2011 Good Food Awards, Charles Chocolates produce high quality dark or milk chocolate made from roasted cacao beans. Using only the finest ingredients, Charles Chocolates combines flavors to tantalize your palette and keep you coming back for more. By combining salt with sweet, their speciality bars are not to be missed.

9.Boissier Chocolate Petals

A taste that can be found in Paris in one of the oldest sweet shops. Beautifully designed to look like flower petals, the flavors are just as unique. From Jasmine tea to sweet indulgence, the smooth chocolatey texture melts in your mouth. Almost too pretty to eat, but you can't resist.


10.Antidote Chocolate

The perfect antidote for your sweet tooth, Antidote Chocolate is sourced from Ecuadors Arriba National cacao beans. Their bean to chocolate bars are half roasted and half raw, with fruit, nuts and spices, as well as the finest salt, A true chocolate connoisseur's chocolate, flavors range from spicy to sweet and anything in between.

11.Amedei Chocolate

Brother and sister, Cecila and Alessio Tessieri, founded Amadei Chocolate in 1990, after inheriting their passion for chocolate from their grandfather. Their craft based chocolate uses only the best ingredients to create their unique blends, such as Chuao, truffles, pralines, Porcelana chocolate, and blended cocoa chocolate. Made in Italy, by chocolate lovers for chocolate lovers.


12.Anna Shea Chocolates

Founded in 2004, Anna Shea Chocolates are meticulously shaped artisanal chocolates. Anna Shea has a background in European arts, blending design with flavor. Using different notes of cacao, the chocolates are velvety smooth with different textures to indulge anyone's palette.These are no ordinary chocolates, with the taste to prove it.


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