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World's Dangerous Hackers

Sunday, Jul 3, 2022, 1:45 pm

1.Mark Abene

This guy was part of the most dangerous hacker teams in the United States and he was also seen as being one of the most high profile members of that team. Apart from websites he was also responsible for hacking a number of telephone systems as well.

2.Mike Calce

Mafiaboy has been responsible for attacking companies such as Yahoo and Dell to name only two of a rather extensive list. He was seen as being dangerous because of his skills at using Denial of Service attacks and crashing complete systems.

3.Chad Davis

This is an American who was also known by the name Mindphasr. He was also at the head of a global hacking syndicate and perhaps his biggest success was managing to deface the website of the White House, so you can imagine that the authorities were not best pleased with him for that one.

4.Nahshon Even-Chaim

This guy was also known by the name Phoenix and his claim to fame was to be the first person in Australia who was convicted of hacking. He got into several university systems and apparently his entire reason for doing this was just to make the computer security industry look stupid.

5.Raphael Grey

This guy may have only been 19 at the time, but he made millions of dollars in a single month by simply accessing credit card details online. He got the information, published it online, and then watched the chaos unfold and his bank balance grow.

6.Jeanson James Ancheta

This guy was a High School dropout, but he has since gone on to be the person that has been caught controlling the largest number of hijacked computers anywhere in the United States. His hacking career started in 2004 and was brought to an abrupt halt when he was caught, but he is still dangerous.

7.Adrian Lamo

Adrian came to prominence when he managed to hack into things such as Microsoft and the New York Times. He did it by using Internet connections in various places, including coffee shops, but he is seen as more of a white hat hacker in that he finds flaws, exploits them, and then tells the companies all about them.


8.Kevin Poulsen

This guy was also known by the name Dark Dante and he became wanted after he managed to hack into a Federal database, but he is most well known for his ability to hack telephones. At one point he was able to take over all of the phone lines of a radio station.

9.Robert Tappan Morris

This was the guy who produced the first worm on the Internet, so for that reason alone he is dangerous as he showed what was possible way back in the earliest days of the technology. He now works at a university, but who knows how different things would have been if he had not discovered how to do those early worms.


10.North Korea

This may be quite surprising for some people, but there is quite a lot of hacking, or attempted hacking, on targets in the west coming from North Korea. Of course they want to do it in order to steal secrets or just disrupt the west and they have had some success in doing so.


There is quite a lot to fear when it comes to hacking and China because there are signs that a lot of the more dangerous hacks, and by that we mean internet espionage and trying to steal secrets, comes from one single building in China. This is seen as the new front in spying and it is not only politicians who could be targeted, but also businesses both big and small.


12.Kevin Mitnick

This guy seems himself as being a bit of a poster boy for the hacker world especially after he was tracked so publicly by the authorities. This guy has done things such as exploiting a bus system to get free rides, phone hacking, stealing information, and basically doing most things that hackers will do. His story has even been the subject of two movies.


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