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World's Strangest Flags

Saturday, Jul 2, 2022, 1:21 pm

1.Central African Republic

The strangest part of this flag has to be the red line down the middle because it just seems to serve no purpose whatsoever. The star in the corner is also a bit of a useless thing as well because what good will one single star do?

2.U.S Virgin Islands

Believe it or not, but this is the actual flag for the U.S Virgin Islands and it does look as if it was designed by somebody that was doing an art project at school and had only started to learn how to use a program on their computer. It is just quite tacky in all honesty.

3.Isle of Man

This island between England and Ireland has a very strange flag indeed since it depicts something with three legs in the middle. What is actually going on here? Why did they decide to have this symbol here?


This is an old flag for Benin and you can see why they felt the need to change it to something that was less threatening. Yes this flag does indeed show one person chopping off the head of another and you just know that the United Nations would not have been happy if this was still being used.


Uganda has decided to go ahead and decorate their flag by putting some kind of bird in the middle of it and you do wonder as to how useful that is actually going to be. It just looks as if it was some kind of after thought rather than part of the initial design, but maybe that is what actually happened?


This is an old flag for Nevada as the new one has removed the silver and gold part. They were clearly just stating what they had available there, but you do not see a flag for Amsterdam showing marijuana do you?


The problem with this flag is that it hurts your eyes from the moment you look at it. The person that designed this must have been on some kind of trip because there is just too much going on with the squares of color that you would surely leave Antwerp just to get away from the flag?



You would be forgiven for thinking that this flag shows a baseball being thrown into the sun, but surely that is not what it is all about? It looks like two images from clip art have just been thrown together in order to make this, but maybe we are closer to the truth than we realize?


At first glance this does not look strange, but then you see the collection of objects on the left hand side. What you have is a star, a book, a sickle, and a machine gun and how can they all be possibly connected in any conceivable way? Did they just pick random objects?


10.The Great Socialist People's Flag of Libya

Nope your eyes are not deceiving you because this really is just a green rectangle with nothing else on it. You do wonder how they managed to come up with this flag. Did the designer go away for lunch and forget to come back?

11.Lombardy, Italy

Well what can you say about this flag for Lombardy in Italy? Is it a splatter of white? Is it a four leaf clover in a strange shape? What on earth is it mean to be? Answers on a postcard please.



The reason as to why the flag for Nepal is classed as being strange is due to the shape of it. This flag just does not conform to anything else that is out there, but at least they have managed to make it more recognizable than it perhaps should be.


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