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Worst Movies Of 2013 So Far

Thursday, Jul 14, 2022, 8:08 pm

1.Scary Movie 5

Have you been desperate to get another installment of the Scary Movie series? Nope? Well you are just in the majority here, but there is a fifth movie to not get excited about. This type of movie has been completely exhausted and you know what is going to happen before it actually does, so the surprise factor has been completely removed. Do not bother with this at all.

2.InAPPropriate Comedy

Never before has a name for a movie been so apt, although it is difficult to actually class this as a comedy in the first place. The name comes from each scene being linked to a phone app, although why this happens is a mystery, but if you are unfortunate enough to watch this movie, then you would be better off playing with your phone than paying attention.

3.Movie 43

This movie has a great cast and you would like to think that it would be funny, but sadly that is not the case. The scores that this movie is getting on various review websites are pitiful and are actually quite embarrassing in all honesty. Some of the names in it must be ashamed of appearing in the movie and expect it to appear in the DVD bin at a store near you soon.


The only Paranoia with this movie should be the director and writer as they wonder what people are saying about this dreadful movie. Harrison Ford is a bit wooden, the plot at least sounds good, but for some reason it just does not come together and you are certainly advised to just forget about this movie and watch something else instead.


You would think that with these two actors starring that Getaway would be a cool movie, but if you check it out on Rotten Tomatoes you will see it gets a quite stunning 1%. This really is some achievement and indeed it is the best achievement that this movie will ever have. This is supposed to be an action movie, but the most action should be in leaving the theater.

6.World War Z

This movie about zombies is very slow and boring and you will be desperate for it to finish. The main problem with this movie is that it just repeats the same scene over and over again and that in itself drives you insane. The movie is not even saved by the fact it stars Brad Pitt as even he struggles with such a strange script that it is no surprise that it has performed well below the standards people expected.

7.The lone ranger

This movie is perhaps the biggest surprise flop of the year as it sounded good and surely Johnny Depp has the Midas touch? It is directed by the same guy as the Pirates of the Caribbean, but the part that ruins it is they have Depp playing Tonto in the exact same way as he played Jack Sparrow. This completely blows your mind, but not in the way you hoped and it just ruins the entire movie.


8.Girl most Likely

Have you ever seen a movie about a girl trying to rebuild her life after splitting with her boyfriend? The chances are that you have and it does mean that you have seen this movie before it even begins. The jokes are poor, the storyline does not flow, and they have a character called George Bush.

9.The Smurfs 2

The Smurfs were fantastic and indeed the first movie hit with that nostalgia thing that most people have about their childhood and there was a rush to take their own kids along to experience it. The problem here is that it comes across as being low budget, very poorly made, and it really is a disappointment. If your kids want to see it, then bribe somebody else to take them and it will be the smartest move you make.


10.The Hangover III

This is a real shame as the first two movies were fantastic, but it comes across as them having just pushed things a bit too far. The jokes are just not really there and you also have the problem of the characters becoming stale as you already know what is going to come before they open their mouth. Stop after the second one to avoid ruining your experience.


Are Disney getting lazy? This movie is basically CARS for the sky and it really is a major disappointment and you should not bother wasting your time or money taking your kids to see it. Yes they might be entertained, but only if they have not seen CARS and the Disney thing is all new to them. They really do need to up their game again if they want to remain the King of cartoon.


12.After Earth

This movie is boring and not even Will Smith is able to rescue it. His son is terrible in the movie and if you are unfortunate enough to watch the entire movie you will undoubtedly be a lot worse off for it in the end. Do yourself a favor and choose anything else apart from this movie and you will be grateful that you did.


You would be forgiven for thinking that with two cool actors that this would be a good movie, but you would be wrong. There is just no relationship between Bridges and Reynolds and the story is also far too predictable and this does not help at all. You would be better off watching Men In Black several times than this movie.

14.The Sea of Monsters

The problem with this movie is that the characters are far too bland and boring that it really is difficult for them to capture your attention. The movie just drags on and when it comes out on DVD just remember to avoid it and watch a repeat of a cookery show or something instead as it will be infinitely more interesting than this.

15.Grown Ups 2

The original Grown Ups movie was average, so why they then decided to go back and do another one is a bit of a mystery. The problem here is that they have followed the general rule of film in that the sequel is worse than the original and they have managed to pull this off with some ease. This movie is full of jokes that even your kids would cringe at.


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