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Worst Back Tattoos

Thursday, Jul 14, 2022, 4:04 pm


So getting a tattoo related to Nascar is probably something that a lot of people have had done, but none are going to be so badly done as this example. Yes it is bright, but it is the actual drawing itself that lets it down because it really is very bad and looks almost kid like. How disappointed would you be when you saw this end result?


Collecting autographs is popular, but why would you then go ahead and get them tattooed onto your back? As you get older most people will have no idea who the people are, so ultimately they look at you as a person that has some writing on them for no apparent reason and then you have to go through the whole explanation thing time and time again.


OK so you are a fan of Britney and that is fine. However, if you are a fan and want to get a tattoo of her on your back, then perhaps avoid the moment when she shaved her hair off and went mad. This tattoo is actually well done, but it is more the subject itself that makes it a bad back tattoo because there were so many other options available, but the person jumped into getting this horrible one done.


OK it might not exactly be the back, but it is close enough and anyway this tattoo is just pretty horrible. Yeah at first you might laugh, but then you will look at the body parts she has used in order to create this effect and you will then start to wonder about her sanity. Why would you go ahead and get this kind of tattoo done? Who looks at their butt and back and think hmmm butterfly?


OK so you like music, but why would you go to this extent to show that you like music and get as many different names put on your back as possible. If that is not bad enough you need to look at the musician in the middle because who is he supposed to be? What is actually going on there with him? Why is that horrible drawing the main attraction?


OK so it is not only the fact that this person has had the word slayer put on their back, but it is also the style of the writing and how badly it is done. It really does look like something that a schoolkid would put on their book as a joke, but this time the person has had it done as an actual tattoo.


This is one of those tattoos where you question what goes on in the mind of the person that has had it done. Ok they may be the biggest fan of Google, but why would you then go ahead and get their name put on your back like this? It really does not make sense whatsoever and surely the person is going to regret it in the future?



This tattoo is funny because it is just a stupid thing to have put on your back, but you just know that the person is going to be very proud of it and want to show it off to all of their friends like some badge of honor. The writing itself is good, but it is still a silly thing to have done and is a tattoo you should actually be ashamed of.

9.Steve O

You know what is bad about this tattoo? The fact that the person that has the tattoo is the person in the tattoo. Yes it is very well done, but surely that is taking things a step too far when you are getting your own face put on your body? Surely that is a tattoo that should never happen?



You got it right, this tattoo is indeed of a giant poo with flies going around it. Ok a lot of people get a tattoo for a laugh, but surely this has gone beyond a laugh and is just outright strange? However, at least they did go the full way and get the flies in there as well to complete the picture.

11.Drunk birds

Surely the tattoo artist was drunk when they did this? The lines are all over the place, the birds look as if they have been drawn by somebody at kindergarten and it is a miracle that they managed to spell the word Love correctly. Overall this is a terrible tattoo and surely the person was furious with it?


12.Just why?

Just why would you go and get this tattoo done on your back or anywhere on your body? Who in their right mind would get a death threat put on their body and think that it is fine? Ok the lettering is very well done, but there is no point to it and what happens if they no longer want to kill poor old Ray?


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