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Worst Cosplays Ever

Saturday, Aug 29, 2020, 4:03 pm


Yes the guy on the left does seem to have various baking trays taped to himself as well as some tin foil wrapped around and the result is something that just looks rather silly. OK so he is trying to copy Robocop, but it is just the absolutely rubbish attempt at it that makes this one of the worse cosplayers ever.

2.Blue face

OK this is scary all on its own, but it has to be the blue face that really does just finish everything off because what on earth is actually going on there? It looks like they have ran full force into a Smurf and the Smurf has certainly come off second best.

3.Super Mario

This is what would happen if Super Mario joined the Village People and it is a combination that you would never have imagined that you could ever see. There is just something quite funny about this look and you have to say that you can never look at that little character in the same light ever again.

4.Star Wars

This is just absolutely pitiful and you can only imagine that they tried to make their costumes using random items that were just scattered around their home. It is obvious as to what they are trying to do, just they have not exactly achieved it as you can see.

5.Oh Spongebob

This outfit just does not suit this person in any way, but it is made even worse by the fact that it is also far too short and you just hope that they do not have to bend over for anything or you are going to end up being very scared. Overall this is just not good.


This is not only guilty of having two different characters blended into one, but it is also the campest pose you can ever hope to see when somebody is actually trying to be scary. It just does not work in any way whatsoever, but at least his shame will not be spread online or anything.

7.Just almost

This is the kind of outfit where it is so close to being correct, but is still far enough away for it to look so, so wrong. Perhaps it is the eyes that just freak you out, but overall it is just something that is going to scare people away and you can understand why.


8.Non-wonder woman

This is actually so wrong on so many levels that it is actually difficult to even know where to begin. Sure it is larger than life, but should a guy be wearing this kind of outfit in the first place? It just feels as if they are playing with your mind here and that is not something that you want to happen.

9.So wrong

Ok so the outfit itself is not the best, but it would at least be slightly better if it did actually fit him and did not involve him drawing a six pack on his stomach. The fact that he has then struck a pose is also very strange, so surely he was as drunk as you can get?


10.Mega man

Well what can you say about this? Sure he is trying to replicate that character, but if you look closely there are no mention of water coolers anywhere in their design. However, at least he has made a good solid attempt and you have to congratulate him on this, but a bit more planning is required in the future.

11.Power ranger

Clearly this is the power ranger that did not make it through auditions and you can kind of see why this is the case from this one photograph. It just does not sit well with the way the costume hangs on them because how are they supposed to do all of those martial arts?


12.Just why?

This is the kind of image that does just leave you lost for words. What is he trying to achieve apart from to scare people? He looks quite happy with himself, but one key part is that the censored box is certainly not the biggest on the Internet.


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