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Worst Nightmares For Trypophobics(Fear Of Holes)

Sunday, Aug 30, 2020, 9:42 pm

If you are an average guy like me, then I should warn you before you start going through this list, especially if you have a fear of small holes or a bunch of holes. Trypophobia is a very common phobia of holes. Do you think you can make it through these 14 pictures without flipping out? Then proceed to read further...
13.googly eyes

This one is really creepy to look. The more I stare, the more it creeps me out, Even though those are just many googly eyes on a girl's face.

googly eyes-Worst Nightmares For Trypophobics(Fear Of Holes)

14.What are those!!

Those are just marks caused by wearing the sandals for a long period of time but for a Trypophobic like me they are pretty scary.

What are those!!-Worst Nightmares For Trypophobics(Fear Of Holes)

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