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Worst Prescription Drugs Side Effects

Saturday, Aug 22, 2020, 1:11 pm

1.No sense of taste

A lot of medication is capable of destroying your sense of taste. This is common among medication for high blood pressure and the result is your diet changes as you just cannot appreciate food the same way. It may not be dangerous, but it is certainly very annoying.

2.Stevens - Johnson syndrome

This is a side effect that actually has no cure. It causes skin issues around the eyes and ultimately it can lead to skin cancer developing and of course that in itself can be fatal. This is scary and extremely upsetting.


Yes some drugs can make you sleepwalk and this can be both frightening as well as dangerous. It disrupts the sleep pattern and you can start to do some strange things even though you are not aware of it while freaking out everybody in the process.


This is a side effect that can destroy a person especially when they are desperate to have a family. This is actually a side effect for a number of different tablets including things for your blood pressure and how many people take that kind of drug on a yearly basis?

5.Lose your fingerprints

There are some drugs that are used in chemotherapy that actually cause your fingerprints to vanish. This does not happen that often, but it has been seen in different patients, but just stop for a second and think about how freaky that would be.

6.Change in eye color

This is another thing that is going to freak you out because imagine having green eyes, you take a tablet, and your eyes become brown. This is actually a side effect with medication for glaucoma, so it might help your sight, but it changes your appearance.

7.Compulsive behavior

Imagine taking a drug and then suffering from compulsive behavior in some way. This can take a number of different forms from becoming addicted to something, to your legs doing funny things all of the time, but basically this can destroy your life.


8.Coughing up blood

This is one side effect that scares the absolute life out of you and it is easy to understand why that is the case. The reason why this happens is because of internal bleeding, which is another side effect of some drugs, and at times you can cough up stuff that looks like coffee granules.

9.Your brain is zapped

If you have been on anti-depressants and are trying to come off them, then you need to be careful. These types of drugs have been used to change your brain chemistry and if you come off them too quickly it can lead to you being dizzy, sick, tremors, and generally feeling absolutely terrible.


10.Urine is blue

This is something that is going to rightfully freak you out because how would you feel if you noticed that your pee was suddenly blue? This is actually caused by the dye that they use in some of the medication, so even though it is not dangerous it is still very freaky.

11.Birth defects

If you are needing to be on antidepressants, then it is a bad idea if you are pregnant because they can actually increase the chances of birth defects. In all honesty you should check before taking any medication because it could potentially be harmful to your unborn child.



Yes can you think of a worse side effect than death? This can occur if you have a severe allergic reaction to it and this is always possible no matter what it is that you are taking. If you know you could potentially be allergic, then avoid it at all costs.


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