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Bad Versions Of Popular Cartoon Characters

Wednesday, Aug 26, 2020, 6:51 pm

1.The Teletubbies

If the Teletubbies were actually like this would you have ever entertained the idea of showing them to your children? Kids from the earliest of ages love these cute characters, but this time they would be the thing of nightmares rather than fun child like dreams.


Well it looks as if Babar has decided to just give up with everything and has now developed a drinking habit. He has of course also crushed somebody to death, but by the look on his face he just could not care less about it.

3.A possessed duck

Well this is Darkwing duck in a brand new light and lets face it would you want to tackle him? He is wielding some pretty heavy things there and he knows how to use them, so just watch out or it could be the last mistake you make.

4.Bad Shrek

Well there we are thinking that Shrek is lovable and fun to be around when in actual fact there is another side to him. Instead, he is vicious, loves blood, and the donkey just does not seem to have the same look about him either.


Barbie has kept young girls entertained for hours and hours, but she has clearly lost patience with Ken and has decided to chop his head off. This is certainly not a doll that you are going to see for sale in a toy store because that would be one difficult sell to make.


Noddy is used to entertaining young kids, but he would only scare them away if he actually looked like this. He just looks completely possessed and that in itself is scary enough for you to seriously consider not teaching your child all about Noddy.

7.Buzz Lightyear

Toy Story would have been completely different is Buzz Lightyear had looked like this. He is clearly capable of so much more than just saying his catchphrases and this would have made a completely different toy to give kids at Christmas.



If Popeye always looked like this, then he would have had less problems in losing his gal to Bluto. He just looks like this lean, mean fighting machine and that in itself is quite impressive as well as being slightly scary at the same time.

9.Winnie the Pooh

Well there we thought that he just loved his pots of honey, but it looks as if he has the taste of blood now thanks to this picture. He has certainly changed and now kids should be afraid of him rather than thinking that he is this big lovable bear.


10.Scooby Doo

If it wasn't for those pesky kids, then perhaps they would still be alive rather than slaughtered and left in a pile of bodies and blood. It would certainly not have been a kids favorite if this was the case.

11.Mickey Mouse

Walt Disney would have been vastly different if Mickey Mouse looked like this all of the time. He is barely recognizable in all honesty and would you mess with this mouse?


12.Inspector Gadget

Go on admit it you think that he looks pretty Badass here don't you. We were all jealous of the way in which he could produce various tools and weapons, but this just takes things up to a whole new level.


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