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Best Disney Pixar Movies

Monday, Aug 24, 2020, 4:11 pm


This is a movie that is set in Scotland, so that is why there is so much red hair in the movie. It follows the story of a girl in Scotland and you cannot fail to admire the detail that has gone into its production even if the story itself may be a bit of a let down at times. However, children will love it, as well as a few adults, and lets face it that is the main thing.

2.Monsters University

Monsters University brings back all of those characters you loved from the first Monsters Inc movie. Yes this is a complete rip off for a college movie, but at least with these rather harmless monsters it does mean that it is a bit different from the norm. The story may not be as good as the original, but it is still fun to watch and time will fly past as you do so.

3.A Bug's Life

This was the movie that they made after Toy Story and it is harmless enough fun and should keep young children occupied. Yes it is all about bugs and how they get along together, but at the end of the day it has an enjoyable storyline and it is certainly well enough made even if it does not reach the heights of so many of the other movies they have been responsible for.

4.Toy Story 3

This is exceptionally rare as it is a third installment of a movie that is still up there with the original and is an absolute delight to watch. It focuses on the main characters tackling a bad guy after Andy moves away to college, but the interaction between the characters is still amazing and even if you have never watched the first two you will still love this movie.

5.Toy Story 2

A sequel is always a tricky thing to pull off as people always compare it to the original and always find fault in it. However, that is not the case with Toy Story 2 as it could be argued that it is actually better than the original by some people. The story focuses on Woody being kidnapped and it is very enjoyable to watch and is something you will undoubtedly love.

6.The Incredibles

This has to be the super hero movie to end all super hero movies as The Incredibles is such a fantastic jaunt through the life of a normal person with abnormal powers that you will be unable to look at Spiderman in the same way ever again. The story is the best part, but the entire movie does just flow very well indeed and before you know it the entire thing is finished.


This is such a clever idea for a cheeky movie that children will love. It does of course focus on rats in a restaurant and how one wants to become a chef, so ok the story is a bit far fetched, but the characters are so believable that you end up hoping that everything does work out well for them in the end.


8.Wall E

You have to be careful with Wall E because you end up feeling so sad and sorry for the main character at different times making this a bit of a tear jerker. The characters are so well designed and their emotions and personality really do shine through at all times and you can guarantee that time will fly past when watching it and then you will want to do it again and again.


This movie may be a bit of a surprise, but the way that the story is told makes it a classic as it focuses on dreams and how it can never be too late to realize them if you work hard enough. The characters may not be as memorable as those that appear in other movies, but for sheer entertainment it is difficult to find something better than UP.


10.Monsters Inc

The idea for the story of this movie is so, so cool and Pixar certainly did an amazing job in putting it together and producing something that entertains people of all ages. The variety of characters is first class and the storyline itself is strong enough to keep your attention right through the movie. If you are looking for something fun to watch, then you really should check it out.

11.Toy Story

Toy Story really did break new ground when it came out in 1995 as people loved the fast paced action and it showed that cartoons were changing due to technology. This was full of characters that are still very popular today and the movie itself has just not aged at all and the surprising thing was their ability to make sequels that were also just as good.


12.Finding Nemo

Finding Nemo is usually the Pixar movie that is voted as the best according to movie critics and it is easy to understand why as soon as you watch it. The action is fast and furious, the characters are amazing, with you being unable to do anything other than love Nemo, and overall the production of it is first class. Children and adults love it alike, so perhaps that is why it is often seen as the best movie they have made.


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