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15 Hilarious Harry Potter Memes Ever

Saturday, Aug 14, 2021, 4:17 pm

Harry Potter memes are some of the best memes ever made on a movie franchise. With so many cool and weird terms in the movie, it has a lot of scope for movie related puns. If you are a sirius Harry Potter movies fan, then you will love these puns and memes. Here are 15 hilarious Harry Potter memes ever made on internet.
10.A fair point

Now see this is a perfectly fair point because if student safety is indeed so important, then why go and do the second part? Maybe he actually loves the danger and is trying to milk the movies as much as possible in the hope it ends up as Harry Potter Movie 25.

A fair point-15 Hilarious Harry Potter Memes Ever

11.What is he doing??

Come on surely if you did indeed have an invisibility cloak the first thing you would do, if there was any hint of being a pervert in you, is to go into the girls shower room? Surely that is what teenage boys do?

What is he doing??-15 Hilarious Harry Potter Memes Ever

12.A classic play on a name

You see this is your classic play on a name game and it does actually work quite well. However, the hardest part is trying to build up to the punch line, but they eventually got there without taking us through the entire 34 hours of the movie.

A classic play on a name-15 Hilarious Harry Potter Memes Ever

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