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Best Comedy Movies Of All Time

Thursday, Aug 20, 2020, 1:17 pm


How is it possible that a movie about the fashion industry and male models can be funny? That part is a mystery, but there is no doubt that this is a movie that is fast paced and exceptionally funny with Ben Stiller playing the role of Derek Zoolander to absolute perfection. This movie will not give you an insight into the world of fashion, but it will make you laugh and that is the main thing.

2.Austin Powers

Austin Powers is the kind of spy that you love and this is a comedy that is so full of jokes you need to watch it more than once just to catch them all. Mike Myers is so good in all of the roles he plays in the movie and even the movies that followed this original one are also very funny as well. This is not James Bond, but in actual fact you can argue it is better.

3.Wayne's World

This is probably the film that Mike Myers can claim to have been responsible for pushing his career onto an entirely new level and if you watch it you will understand why. This is such a funny movie that will have you doubled up in laughter throughout its duration and you are going to want to watch it time and time again to experience Wayne's World through his eyes.

4.There's Something About Mary

At first you wonder how this movie can be funny, but it is one of the best comedies ever made and all about how different guys with different personalities love the same girl. Cameron Diaz plays her part very well indeed as do all of the guys that are after her leading to a completely harmless comedy that you and your family will absolutely love.


Ghostbusters is all about a business where they bust ghosts, but it is a great comedy that just works so well and is full of laughs all the way through the movie. The original is certainly a lot better than the movies that followed it, so if you want to watch any of them then get the first one and you will love the story.

6.Dumb and Dumber

Dumb and Dumber was an instant classic when it came out with these two hapless and idiotic characters that find themselves being chased by criminals for money without them even realizing it for most of the movie. The part that is funny is that they are just so silly and brainless that you have to laugh at the way they do things and the way in which they view the world. This is a cool movie to watch with your kids as well.

7.Trading Places

The high flyer being swapped for a down and out is a clever idea for a movie and this one is full of laughs that makes it so enjoyable to watch. This movie will always raise a smile as you watch it, but overall you are going to enjoy the storyline and will find yourself being absorbed into the characters and be rooting for them by the end of what is actually a very funny movie.


8.The naked Gun

The naked Gun was the movie version of Police Squad and it is full of laughs from start to finish. It is often quite childish humor, but it is done with a straight face and that alone makes it funny. The storyline is strange, but strange in a good way and ultimately you are going to enjoy the 90 minutes it lasts and will want to watch it time and time again.

9.Blazing Saddles

Blazing Saddles is wrong on so many levels and you do doubt that they would even be allowed to make it today. It is full of casual racism, but done in a comedy way, and it is a wonder that people today are not upset about it and asking for an apology for it being shown on television. However, it is a comedy classic and you cannot fail but to love the entire story.


10.Team America: World Police

This puppet movie has to be one of the funniest comedies ever made and it will undoubtedly make you forget about Thunderbirds or anything else from the 60s. They make sure that you can see the strings and the entire thing just feels like a parody, but it works very well and you are going to laugh until your heart is content with this wonderful movie.

11.Groundhog Day

Groundhog Day follows a simple idea whereby a guy is stuck repeating the same day over and over again. This does sound quite boring at first, but Bill Murray is fantastic in the hole of the hapless guy resulting in a movie that is full of laughs and it will always bring a smile to your face. It is a perfect family movie.



Will Ferrell is fantastic in Anchorman, a movie all about a 70s newseader with lots of jokes about that particular decade where men were more obnoxious and sexist than they are today. The plot is not the strongest, but the movie rolls along quite well and the jokes are undoubtedly very funny indeed. This is an ideal movie to cheer you up when the weather is bad and you yearn for those good old days where sexism was rife.

13.Life of Brian

This movie was seriously controversial when it came out and indeed it was banned in various places, but it is a comedy masterpiece that you will be in absolute stitches at when watching it. The story is simple, the jokes are hilarious, and overall it is just something that you need to watch even if you are religious and are worried you could be upset by it.


If you are looking for a stupid film that will just make you laugh, then Airplane is going to be the movie to watch. It has some classic lines, it never takes itself seriously, and overall it is just great fun to watch. The story itself allows the movie to just roll along and before you know it the end credits are rolling and this just lets you see that it is great fun as time flies when you are watching it.

15.This is Spinal Tap

This bogus rockumentary is an absolute classic and it will have you laughing all of the way through it with this rather peculiar take on the music industry. The characters involved in the movie are great fun, the humor is easy to understand and overall the entire film is so well put together that you cannot help but be absorbed into it and love every single minute. It may be getting older now, but you should watch it because you are missing out if you have not done so.


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