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Hidden Disney Characters In Other Disney Movies

Friday, Aug 28, 2020, 4:20 pm


This is from the movie 'Tangled', but the character you are looking at is the one in the red circle because that character is actually Pinocchio. It is very difficult to see and the person that first spotted it must have had insider information or a seriously good eye for detail, but it is him and he is still there quietly in the corner.


This is a scene from 'Lilo & Stitch', but if you look at the red circle you will see that one of the soft toys there is actually Dumbo. There were a few decades between these two movies, but it is undoubtedly him and is another example of the artist having a bit of fun in a scene and wondering if anybody would then notice that they had slipped in another character from another movie.


This is not actually a scene from Bambi even though it does show her and her mother together. In actual fact this is from the movie 'The Rescuers' but it is undoubtedly these two characters from the movie of the same name. It cannot even be classed as a subtle reference as they are both there in the main shot even though it is not for very long.


This is of course a scene from Monsters Inc, but what it shows is Nemo making a special guest appearance. There was only a couple of years between both movies, so the people watching one would certainly remember the other and even though it is quite quick there is no mistaking it for a direct reference to another movie.


Believe it or not, but this does actually happen in the movie 'Aladdin' and it is actually at a scene where he is trying to work out how he will possibly manage to woo Princess Jasmine with the help of the Genie. For a brief second, the Genie goes ahead and transforms his head into that of Pinocchio as this still shot shows. This is a cool reference to one of the most popular characters that Disney every produced.


This scene from Hercules shows a lion that has been slain, but if you look more closely at it you will see that it is actually Scar from the Lion King. This is a reasonably long scene, as in a few seconds, so it does mean that it is one of the longest direct references to other movies produced by Disney due to the way in which the character is right there in front of you.

7.Little Mermaid

This is the wedding scene from The Little Mermaid, but what it shows is that some of the guest have managed to come from other Disney movies. Here you see the King, and the Grand Duke straight out of Cinderella even though you need to be quick in order to spot them in the first place. There was of course a reasonably lengthy time gap between the two movies, but it is cool to see them popping up when you least expect it.



This is a scene from the Hunchback of Notre Dame and there are actually references to three other Disney movies in this one street. On the left is Pumbaa from the Lion King, the magic carpet from Aladdin is being held up by the guy, and finally that girl is Belle from Beauty and the Beast. This has to be the most references in any single scene in Disney history.

9.The Beast

In this pile of toys from Aladdin you will see that in the top of the pile is the Beast from the movie 'Beauty and the Beast' and it is actually quite a prominent reference to the earlier movie. They have managed to slip this character into the movie in plain view as no other toy in this pile references any other Disney film at any point.



This scene is from the movie 'Lilo & Stitch', but if you look closely you will see that there is a direct copy of the poster from the movie Mulan in the background. This drawing is a direct replica of the official poster, but they have managed to tone it done to make sure that it is not dominating the scene even though there is still that subtle reference to it in the background.

11.Mrs Potts

This image shows a scene from the movie 'Tarzan', but in actual fact it is also relying heavily on a scene from 'Beauty and the Beast'. What this shows is a tea set that is identical to Mrs Potts and her children and if you look closely you will notice that there is a chipped tea cup in there as well just exactly as you will find it in the original movie.



This screenshot does show us the character Sebastian from 'The Little Mermaid' even though this is the movie 'Aladdin'. It is funny how the artists have just not bothered to hide the fact that there are these two different characters in a movie that should never have met in the first place, but it is just a bit of fun and is actually quite cool to see.


Yes this is the character Luigi from the film 'Cars', but he is not in that film because instead this is a screen shot from the movie 'Finding Nemo'. At this point Cars was just in production, so it is actually a sneak preview of an upcoming character even though nobody was aware of it at the time. However, it is undoubtedly him.


This is a shot from 'Treasure Planet' and at first everything does appear to be normal with no strange characters being included in the shot. However, if you look at the shelf on the left and then look at the extreme left of it you are going to see Stitch from Lilo & Stitch fame in the shot. Both films were being produced at the same time, so that perhaps accounts for an artist having a bit of fun and including them in this shot.


At first you may not get this image, but it is a scene from 101 Dalmatians, but there is one dog that is different from all of the others. That dog is Peg from the film Lady and the Tramp, but here they are in another Disney movie. You would need to be fast in order to spot it in the movie, so in some respects they are not quite as hidden as you would expect since they are in plain view.


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