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Shocking Celeb Movie Transformations

Friday, Jul 15, 2022, 5:44 pm

The life of an actor/actress isn't as easy and luxurious as some of us think, Everything comes with a price. Actors have to go through a tough workout and weight gain/loss sessions to play their different roles in movies. Some of them have to completely transform themselves for a role that is completely opposite to their lifestlye . Here are 15 actors who underwent shocking body transformations for their movie roles.
1.Adrien Brody

Adrien Brody's transformation for the Pianist won him an academy award. The actor lost tons of weight for the role.

2.Matt Damon

Matt Damon did some serious transformation work for his movie 'Courage Under Fire'. The actor has long been respected for his ability to work hard in any film he has set his mind to. The trauma this soldier endured can be seen in Damon's face pictured left.

3.Hillary Swank

Hillary Swank is seen as a gritty actress in Hollywood for a number of transformations she has undergone in order to tell a story. One poignant story was that of Brandon Teena the trans-gender that was murdered due to her acting in public as male, when in fact she was a female in love with another female.

4.Renee Zellweger

Renee's quaint representation of an average size 14 British girl was heavily applauded by many. Some argued that she was not in fact 'that' big. However, her transformation was quite astounding when you consider the wiry frame she normally carries and her obsession with health and a healthy lifestyle. Here she is even seen catching a quick puff on a ciggie. Of course her recent personal transformation has got tongues wagging, the ageing actress has totally changed her facial appearance much to the shock of her fans.

5.Robin Williams

Was that really Robin Williams under Mrs Doubtfire's rather matronly wig? He played her character so well, most of us forgot it was him under all the make-up. Williams has always been known to be a character actor and this one of his many transformations.

6.Charlize Theron

Charlize Theron has a good head on her shoulders. With so much publicity and focus on her good looks she opted for a part in a low end budget movie in order to show her grit. Monster aired in 2003 and Theron's portrayal of Eileen Wuornos the infamous lesbian serial killer, wowed audiences internationally. No one could ever say she has relied on a pretty face to earn her millions.

7.Demi Moore

Demi's transformation for the film G.I. Jane was astounding. Gone was her trademark feminine looks and svelte body. In its place was a stocky androgynous hunk of a female that could intimidate any male equivalent looking for trouble. Demi Moore has transformed many times for films. another well remembered one was 'stripper'. Although at that point it was more about being unafraid to show off her then 40+ body to the public.


8.Christian Bale

Christian Bale underwent a shocking transformation for the film 'The Machinist'. Hollywood actors just seem to be able to pack on the pounds and drop them rapidly. How come it is not that easy for us in real life? Possibly the huge pay check at the end helps?

9.Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt has transformed for many film parts. People are just so struck on his good looks they might forget that he is in fact a very good actor. Here, he was snapped at the airport after spending an evening at the Producers Guild Awards. He recently filmed the movie 'Killing Them Softly' where the transformation was quite shocking.


10.Robert De Niro

Robert packed on the pounds for this role and did in fact become Al Capone's doppelgänger De Niro has always been a slim and trim kind of guy so as usual he took his very admired acting ability to a new and interesting level.

11.Eddie Murphy

In every very large, cellulite covered woman is a slim tall black man trying to get out! Who would ever recognize the charming handsome Eddie Murphy under this lot of lard?

12.Tom Hanks In Cast Away

The wiry tousled haired blond above is a far cry from the regular Tom Hanks we are accustomed to. When the movie started he was still recognizable, during filming he lost so much weight it almost became dangerous for him. A well loved movie that Tom clearly was dedicated to.

13.Colin Farrell

Colin Farrell lost an amazing 44 pounds to play Mark Walsh in 2009 film "Triage" where he plays a photojournalist who returns home from war-torn Bosnia. Many critics and fans were shocked to see his remarkable transfomation and thought he went back to doing drugs but later found out it was all meant for his new role.

Colin Farrell-Shocking Celeb Movie Transformations

14.Chris Pratt

Chris Pratt aka Peter Quill in "The Guardians of Galaxy" lost a remarkable 60 pounds in just six months for his role. The actor had a programmed workout and nutritional diet routine to lose those extra 60 pounds he gained over the years.
"Three or four hours a day of just consistent, ass-kicking hard work," the 36-year-old actor explained to Men's Fitness.

Chris Pratt-Shocking Celeb Movie Transformations

15.Jared Leto

Jared Leto did some incredible body transformation from 2007-2013, The actor who portrayed Mark David Chapman in 2007 film "Chapter 27" gained 60 pounds by eating an entire Domino's pizzas for dinner for months. The actor later portrayed the role of Rayon in 2013 film "Dallas buyers club" and lost 40 pounds to play an HIV-positive transgender woman for which he won an Oscar as well.

Jared Leto-Shocking Celeb Movie Transformations


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