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24 Movie Mistakes You Never Noticed

Wednesday, Aug 11, 2021, 4:31 pm

We all love watching movies, They are one of the best past time activities. Some movies are incredibly awesome in their story while some are really amazing in their actions, effects and thrills. Although we stick our eyes close to the screen when watching movies, often times we miss some very small details in our favorite movies. Wanna know what movie mistakes were present in your favorite movies? then check out these 24 mistakes ever made in popular movies.
4.Magic windshields

Well these are some magic windshields as they can repair themselves on the move. How cool would it be if they could do that for real as it would stop us having to wait on them coming to fix it for us.

Magic windshields-24 Movie Mistakes You Never Noticed

5.Magic bullet holes

So how did the wall know where they would fire the bullets? That is a magic wall since it just ends up making the bullet holes before a shot is fired, but then it also shows a lack of confidence in them being able to actually hit their intended target.

Magic bullet holes-24 Movie Mistakes You Never Noticed

6.Vanishing suspenders

Well this is a bit awkward because it appears as if there is a case of some vanishing suspenders in Titanic. However, when you consider what the movie is all about this does end up being the least of their worries.

Vanishing suspenders-24 Movie Mistakes You Never Noticed

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