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Surprising Unknown Facts About Hollywood Movies

Monday, Aug 31, 2020, 9:22 am

1.When Harry met Sally

The most memorable orgasm of all time, well one of them! The scene at the table where Sally (Meg Ryan) fakes an orgasm was actually not written into the script. It was at Meg's clever suggestion that she do that. The result, movie history!

When Harry met Sally-Surprising Unknown Facts About Hollywood Movies

2.The Bone Collector

During the filming of The Bone Collector, Angelina Jolie was filmed in a number of nude scenes. These were later cut out of the movie as the director thought that it would detract from the storyline. Good thinking!

The Bone Collector-Surprising Unknown Facts About Hollywood Movies

3.The Passion of Christ

Eerily whilst filming the Passion of Christ, the lead actor, Jim Caveizel who played Jesus was struck by lightening. The eerie part was that he was unhurt and for a moment in time was surrounded by a strange aura.

The Passion of Christ-Surprising Unknown Facts About Hollywood Movies

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