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Top 15 Will Smith Quotes

Sunday, Aug 16, 2020, 4:49 pm

1.I wake up every morning

That's what we all want, isn't it? To believe that our lives are getting better and better each and every day. In Will's case, so far so good. If you want the same, the first thing you have to do is believe it can happen. The second step is up to you.

2.Throughout life people will make

It's always a good idea to just let The Higher Power deal with people who disappoint you in some way or other because, as Will says, hate can consume you. But this is hard advice to take because hate can be so much fun!

3.The women who don't seek attention

Personal relationships can be difficult to maintain. But these are good words to recall the next time your significant other says "nothing" when asked "what is wrong?" It probably means there's something wrong. And it probably means you should take Will's advice and pay attention.

4.Don't chase people

We've all attempted to chase people because we are convinced that they are the people we want in our lives. But I've decided to heed Mr. Smith's wise words and trust that the right people will find their way into my lives. But I hope at least one of them looks like Salma Hayek.

5.Money and success don't change people

Isn't it true? I suppose Will Smith probably knows better than anybody, being a highly successful millionaire. Personally, I'd love to have the opportunity to become a multimillionaire if for no other reason to prove that it wouldn't change me. And if it did? Too bad. As long as I got to keep the money.

6.Being realistic is the most

It's hard to imagine what Will Smith's friends must have thought when he told them that he'd be a Millionaire before turning twenty. Maybe they thought he was being unrealistic. It's more likely they thought he was crazy. Today, they probably think he's brilliant.

7.Haters are the people who will

Once again, this is as true for movie stars as it is for those of us who haven't exactly achieved worldwide fame. It may be even truer for movie stars because the failures tend get broadcasted at a volume that can shatter their ear drums.


8.I realize that to have the level

Focus is a difficult that to do. And while it may seem easier for an international star than those of us who have the distractions of everyday life, one can only imagine how many distractions an international star faces every day. For starters they probably have a few more phone calls to answer.

9.If anybody can find

As a happily married man for many years, Will Smith has been an outspoken supporter of the right for all Americans to enjoy the right to marriage. This seems to stem from his understanding of the need to have a strong partner in life.


10.Sometimes you have to forget

What came next for Will Smith was a career as a movie star. His first worldwide smash was Independence Day. It opened a number of new doors for him and exposed him to an international audience that few performers will ever have access to.

11.A rapper is about being

The NBC sitcom The Fresh Prince Bel-Air was Will Smith's first attempt at acting. And it was, for most Americans and to Smith as a performer and as a personality. The show was a smash, and more importantly, its star truly learned how to become an actor.


12.If you're absent during

It's easy to forget that Will Smith, for all his successes in life, did have a period of serious struggle. As a Grammy winning teenaged rapper, Smith sound found himself millions of dollars in debt. He was nearly bankrupt and desperately in need of a break. NBC soon came to the rescue.

13.Don't let success go

These are strong and important words to live by, especially for those of us whose successes are so rare that we can't help but celebrate them way too much. And those of us whose failures are numerous enough to give us a permanent case of heartburn.

14.I want the world to be better

Creative people often struggle with ways of making the world a better place. Such lofty goals seem to belong mostly to politicians, activists, entrepreneurs, etc. But artists make the world a better place in their own subtle way. Making us laugh is a good start. And Will Smith has done an awful lot of this.

15.If it was something that

Jokes about Will Smith's Obama-like ears aside, it's not at all difficult to imagine him running for the nation's highest office and winning. There would be only one obstacle: would the public we willing to lose Will Smith the movie star in order to get Will Smith the president?


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