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15 Disney Movie Mistakes You Probably Never Noticed

Monday, Aug 31, 2020, 8:59 pm

We all grew up watching Disney movies. We love them. Disney is very popular for their animated movies. When we talk about animated movies, we also need to talk about the glitches that we usually find in them. Animated movies are very expensive to make. They need considerably longer time to make. Hundreds, if not thousands of artists, animators, and computer professionals, work round the clock to make an animated movie. There's always a scope for errors in any film. The scope for errors is much bigger in an animated movies. Want to check out a few mistakes in your favorite Disney movies? then continue reading below... 
1.Toy Story 2

In one of the scenes, where Hamm turns off the TV, neither his nor Rex's reflection is seen on the TV screen. You can see the reflections of other objects in the room, but not the two toy characters. 

Toy Story 2-15 Disney Movie Mistakes You Probably Never Noticed


Cinderella's wedding dress is very popular. In fact, a similar looking dress was worn by Kate Middleton at the royal wedding. This famous wedding scene from Cinderella looks flawless until you notice how the long-sleeved dress suddenly becomes a short-sleeved one, all in a matter of few seconds! 

Cinderella-15 Disney Movie Mistakes You Probably Never Noticed

3.Finding Nemo

In the scene where Nigel along with Nemo's parents comes to the dentist to save Nemo, the gator poster strangely changes its place. The poster mysteriously moves from its original place towards the right.

Finding Nemo-15 Disney Movie Mistakes You Probably Never Noticed

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