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15 Things You Don't Know About Bro Code

Monday, Aug 24, 2020, 4:27 pm

There are men; and then there are bros! Bros are a different kind of men who are special in their own way. Bros are cool, smart, and highly patient. They are always ready to help bros or even other men. One can't simply become a bro. There's a thing called bro code and anyone who wants to be a bro needs to follow that. Here are fifteen things you don't know about bro code.
4.Always Respect Your Bro's Sister and Girlfriend

Bro Code strictly forbids you from trying or eyeing your bro's sisters or girlfriends. You need to respect your bro's sister(s), girlfriend(s), crushes, and family members strongly. If you think your bro's girlfriend or sister is hot, you automatically break bro code and will be thrown out of status. Respect all those who are dear to your bro.

Always Respect Your Bro's Sister and Girlfriend-15 Things You Don't Know About Bro Code

5.Be Open and Frank to Your Bro

If your bro asks you how his new girlfriend or crush is, be very frank to him in answering. Don't tell nice things to him for name sake. If you think there's something wrong with the girl(s), don't hesitate to tell him about that. Well, if you find her ugly, you can tell him she looks ugly! You need to make sure your bro gets best always.

Be Open and Frank to Your Bro-15 Things You Don't Know About Bro Code

6.Support Your Bro No Matter What

This is the toughest rule of bro code. As a bro, you need to support and back your bro in all situations, even in those where your bro did a terrible mistake. You need to cover for his mistakes, and make sure he doesn't get into problems because of them. Make excuses or tell apologies to people on his behalf, but never ever dump him for his mistakes.

Support Your Bro No Matter What-15 Things You Don't Know About Bro Code

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