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15 Worst Jobs Ever

Saturday, Aug 22, 2020, 8:20 pm

1.Dog food tester

Do you like dog food? Enough to eat it? All day long? Probably not. The only ones who would enjoy eating dog food all day long are dogs. And even they would want time off to do other things -- like chasing squeaky toys or biting the mailman on the ankle.

2.Meter maid

Meter maids are police officers. They get to carry a badge and wear an impressive uniform. But those are pretty much the only parts of the job that don't suck. They write tickets. All day. Parking tickets, speeding tickets. That's pretty much it. Nobody respects them and nobody fears them.

3.Odor tester

It seems there will always be work available in this field for two reasons: it is difficult if not impossible to create machinery that can duplicate what the human nose smells. And also because it's a really, really bad job. Seriously, does the woman in this picture seem to be having a great time?

4.Restroom attendant

Before we detail the horrendous aspects of this career, ask yourself a question: have you ever been in a bathroom and thought to yourself I could really use some help here. If only there was somebody here to assist me with drying my hands or operating this complicated soap dispenser? No? That's why this job is horrible.


Do you like interrupting people's lives and offering them the opportunity to purchase things they have almost no chance of wanting? You could become a telemarketer. It's not difficult find the jobs. The hard part is performing the jobs day after day after day without checking the want ads to see if that job cleaning the monkey cage at the zoo is still available.


Wanted: An employee that seeks the opportunity to work with different people on a daily basis, somebody with hands on experience and good at keeping up one-way conversations. High tech training with advanced equipment is a plus as is someone who enjoys a quiet environment. Personality not required.

7.Toll booth collector

I suppose there are worse things in the world than taking money from people. But when those people get nothing in return except that they don't have to go to jail, they tend not to be very happy with you. And if you think dealing with people all day long can be a drag, try dealing with unhappy people all day long.


8.Walmart greeter

Being a Walmart greeter is for you if... A. You like informing people of something they are well aware of and probably not very happy about -- that they are at Walmart. B. You are elderly, but happy about it. C. You like hanging out at Walmart. There are not many people who fit these categories.

9.Horse stable cleaner

If you've ever smelt a horse, you could imagine what a horse stable must smell like. And if you know first hand what a horse stable smells like, you are probably a horse stable cleaner, because seriously, who else would hang out there voluntarily. I don't know how much they earn but it must be millions.


10.School janitor

Being looked down upon for carrying a mop and broom is no fun. But being looked down upon by eight-year-olds for carrying a mop and broom is reason to doubt if life is truly worth living. I suppose it could be worse. You could be a janitor's assistant.

11.Lindsay Lohan's publicist

I'm sure this job must be an adventure at times, but it's probably too big a challenge for anyone to endure without having to drink heavily. Between stints in prison and announcements regarding rehab visits, this truly must be a full-time job. And whoever does it must spend their life with a migraine. And the migraine's name is Lindsay.


12.Taser gun test dummy

Yes, this is a real job that people actually get paid to do. How much? Does it matter? Seriously, people shoot you with something electric and almost kill you in the process -- on a daily basis. All the money in the world would never make up for the time in your life you waste being electrocuted.

13.DMV employee

Imagine a place where nobody ever wants to go and nobody is ever happy to be there. Imagine you work there and everybody you come in contact with hates you and spits on you. No, I'm not talking about prison guards -- at least they get to shoot people who get unruly. But DMV workers just get to scowl at you as they spend another day wishing they were dead.

14.Grave digger

From what I've been told, digging graves for a living is about as much fun as it sounds, which is to say not at all. The salaries tend to range from sixteen thousand to around fifty thousand, but really who cares how much you're getting paid when the work is this morbid and physically exhausting.

15.Gas pump assistant

The guy in this picture was a gas pumper in the days when such a job wasn't really that horrible. These days pumping gas means making very little money and having people angry at you because of high gas prices and because they probably think you're a terrorist.


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