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Amazing Computer Mice

Tuesday, Jul 12, 2022, 4:49 pm

1.The Gold Bullion Wireless Mouse

The Gold Bullion Wireless mouse is gorgeous to look at, but it's a complete waste of money. This costly mouse takes on the shape of a gold brick, rather than a device that should be attached to a computer.The Gold Bullion is hailed as the most expensive mouse in the world, with a ticket price of$36,835 USD. It is compatible with both PC and Mac computers.

2.Make-up Compact Mouse

Just when you thought computers couldn't get more addictive. Not only is this a mouse, but it also serves as a make-up compact. Women will spend even more time online now that this invention exists. The blush is interchangeable, so when one color finishes it can be replaced by another with ease.

3.Ladybug Mouse

Having a ladybug land on your body is supposed to be a sign of good luck, so who wouldn't want to have one around all the time? This ladybug mouse has a simple design, making it even more adorable. The only thing missing from this ladybug replica is its antennas.

4.Cheeseburger Mouse

Some food-based mouse creations have a tendency to look plastic and cheap. However, this cheeseburger mouse looks genuine and good enough to eat. The burger meat appears to be somewhat tough, but the melted cheese and tomatoes make you want to take a bite. Just remember not to drool over this mouse, as you don't want to short circuit your device.

5.Aircraft Mouse

This aircraft mouse can't fly, but it will soar across your desk. The aircraft mouse's weird shape could pose a problem for people with small hands. This USB optical mouse has numerous lights, making it easy to use late at night. It would be best to keep this mouse out of plain sight, unless you don't mind your child tinkering with it. Body Mouse

As if there isn't enough sexual content on the web, someone went ahead and sexualized a mouse. The odd part about this mouse is that aside from the breasts, its shape is as same as a standard mouse. Lonely, dateless men must have a stockpile of these mice in their room.

7.Keypad Mouse

The keypad mouse is a convenient stroke of genius. This device is a keyboard and mouse all rolled into one. Instead of moving back and forth from your mouse to the keyboard, this device makes typing and scrolling easier. The keypad mouse also comes with a protective cover, which prevents dust and food particles from getting stuck in between the keys.


8.Trypticon Transforming Laser Mouse

The Trypticon Transforming Laser mouse is the double the fun. This mouse is based on the Transformers character Trypticon. It can be used as a regular wired mouse, or converted into a toy for the child in your life. This one-of-a-kind mouse retails for $70. However, if you're willing to pay that much money for a mouse, you might not want to have a child playing with such an expensive device.

9.Finger Mouse

This finger mouse isn't the most attractive thing to look at, but it gets the job done. One can only assume that it feels painfully awkward to place your fingers on top of another set, especially when the second set of fingers are covered with fake skin . The fingers this mouse was modeled after needs to get a manicure ASAP!


10.Ice Cream Sandwich Mouse

Using a mouse like this will make you crave ice cream sandwiches all the time. Mice typically have a 3D rounded or curved shape, but this little doohickey is flat and rectangular. A mouse like this is appealing to look at, but after a while it would become a hassle to move it around on a desk.

11.Grenade Mouse

This mouse bears a striking resemblance to a grenade. The grid formation on this 'grenade' is great for people who have a hard time gripping onto their mouse. On the other hand, the fake pin, might get in the way when trying to maneuver the device. A mouse like this would probably bring back a lot of bad memories for war heroes.


12.The Mouse Mouse

This is what happens when you take the name of something literally. The last thing anyone wants to see is a mouse roaming around their house, so it's odd that this type of device even exists. The creepy part about this mouse is that it's so lifelike. On the bright side, this mouse would be a great way to scare a squeamish friend.


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