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Amazing Facts About 'Wolf Of Wall Street' You Don't Know

Wednesday, Aug 19, 2020, 6:43 pm

1.The payoff

One of his junior workers was desperate for a boob job and he was happy to help out with the $5000. However, there was a slight problem in that he insisted she shaved all of her hair off in front of everybody before she got it. She duly obliged and he came up with the cash.

2.His hotel bill

He did love to stay in a hotel, but what on earth was he doing to manage to build up a bill that was $700,000? That is one crazy spree in the mini-bar to get up to that amount of cash even if you include him staying in the top room in the top hotel in the city.

3.Aunt mule

Jordan was pretty ruthless when it came to trying to smuggle money out of the country and he even went to the extent of using his aunt as a mule. She was apparently quite good at it and lets be honest it is easier for a little old aunt to get through than a guy in his 20s.

4.The London flight

At one point he was in London and discovered he was out of drugs. How did he react? He called his secretary at 4am to let her know and some drugs were then immediately sent over on Concorde so it could get to him ASAP.

5.Memory loss

He once went on such a drug party that when he eventually woke up he had the police at his door wanting to have a word with them. Why did they want to talk to him? Due to him having been involved in seven different accidents where he was able to remember the grand total of zero.

6.Jail sentence

Considering he stole over $110 million it is pretty amazing to discover that he only spent 22 months in jail. That just seems like such a small amount of time for such a massive amount of money so it is no wonder that he was more than happy with the outcome.


He had a thing about pr0stitutes, but he did not appear to believe in paying for them out of his own pocket. Instead, he put them on the company credit card and went one step further and tried to use them to reduce his tax bill as well.


8.Midget throwing

When he had his office in New York he had a habit of playing a rather interesting game with his co-workers. Basically, they would have a dart board set up in his office and would then take turns to throw midgets at it and see who got the best score.

9.White Ferrari

When he got his first bonus from Wall Street he went out and bought himself a white Ferrari. Was it because he absolutely adored the color and the car leading to the perfect combination? Nope it was simply because Don Johnson had one.


10.Yacht sinking

If you have a 167ft long yacht and a captain, then surely it makes sense to listen to the advice of the captain and not override what they say? That is something that Jordan did not do and instead he took it out in a storm and the yacht ended up sinking.

11.Flying helicopters

Jordan took a major risk when he decided to try to land his helicopter on his back lawn. Of course that sounds great and very easy to do, but he had to do it with one eye open because of double vision due to being far too stoned to even see straight.


12.Making money

Jordan Belfort apparently made $12 million in 3 minutes at one point. He was also reportedly earning $50 million a year, which is pretty good going for somebody who was only in their 20s at the time.


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