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Amazing LEGO Creations

Tuesday, Aug 10, 2021, 8:27 pm


This Lego statue of Jesus is actually over six feet tall and it is in a church in Sweden. It is difficult to imagine how the folds in the robes were made along with the hair and it is so impressive that you simply cannot do anything else other than look at it and admire it. The fact it is made from Lego and you can still spot what it is meant to be, or in this case who, does show you how talented the original designer is when it comes to building with Lego.


For some reason this dragon does not come across as being scary, but instead it is more comical and friendly. It is still very, very well done and there is no doubt that the entire thing is very impressive, since just the head is being shown here, and you understand why it takes pride of place outside a Lego store in the US.


This has to be the scariest Lego models out there as it involves a terrifying T-Rex in a menacing pose. How they designed and built this amazing model is something we will have to guess at here, but the attention to detail is what is perhaps the most impressive part in all of this. Picture yourself in a Lego Jurassic Park and fully appreciate the work that has gone into this.


Apart from looking like it, the most amazing things about this Lego plan has to be its dimensions. First, it used over 220 pounds worth of bricks, it is 9.5 foot long, it has a wingspan of 10.5 foot, and it is also 3.2 foot tall, so you get a real sense of the size and how impressive a model this plane actually is. You can actually see Singapore airlines wanting to use it for marketing as there is no doubt that it will always attract your attention.


This is a complete airport from the planes to the runway to the terminal buildings and all of the people. It is massive and this photograph does not really do it justice in the way it deserves. They have even included flowers on the grass to add a nice little touch to it and there is no doubt that the person behind it is very, very skilled at what they do.

6.Lego house

This house was actually built for a television show in the UK and it actually is a full house complete with a working toilet, a shower that delivers hot water, and a bed for you to sleep in. It used up over 3.3 million bricks, and you can see why, and it is supposed to be quite solid although whether you would live in one is debatable.

7.Mona Lisa

Imagine doing this mosaic of Lego bricks and making it look like the Mona Lisa. How skilful do you have to be in order to achieve this? This mosaic measures six feet by eight feet and it took over 30,000 individual Lego bricks to complete. It is no surprise that it weighs more than 45 pounds, but it is a work of art on its own and probably took more man hours to create than the original.


8.Allianz Arena

This is a soccer stadium in Germany and some clever person decide to build their own version using only Lego. It is not just the outside that has been done, but also on the inside you have the pitch, seating, and spectators and it is a prime example of how people that build these kinds of things really do pay attention to detail. Compare this shot to a real life one to see how good it is.

9.Sport city

This represents the Beijing Olympics complete with the Birds Nest stadium as the main attraction. This really was an absolute labor of love to build this as they have so many different sports going on as well as making sure that there are people in the stadium in order to create an atmosphere. You do not even see all of the creation in this image, but this single shot gives an idea as to how good it is.


10.Bavarian building

You instantly know that this building is in Germany just by the style of it, but the fact it is made out of Lego makes it even more impressive. Every single piece has had to be well thought out from start to finish and the building itself is quite big, but the best touch is that they have also included those tables and benches at the front in order to create an entire scene.


Ever wondered what Big Ben and the London Eye would look like when built out of Lego? Well now you do know and as you can see it is actually something that is very impressive. The attention to detail is second to none and you can tell that they spent a very long time working everything out including making sure that the scale was perfect.


12.Lego table

The top of this table is made out of Lego bricks apart from the cover to give you a smooth surface. How cool a table is it though? Would you not be proud of owning something like this especially if you loved playing with everything when you were a kid? The table is solid and it is not going to collapse under you, but it shows what is possible with Lego.

13.Aircraft carrier

Not only is this aircraft carrier made out of lego, but as you can see it also floats. This is huge and weighs a lot more than you would expect, so how it has managed to actually work like this is very confusing. The detail on the ship is amazing right down to the different planes sitting there on deck. This must have taken such a long time to complete that you need patience of a saint to get it right.


This image does indeed show a church built out of lego right down to having all of those people as the congregation. How many bricks are in this will be mind boggling, but just sit back and admire what has to be considered a real work of art because everything from the floor to the lights are made out of lego and the patience required to create this is beyond most people.

15.Freddie Mercury

If you have ever heard of the band Queen, then you are going to fully appreciate this small lego model of Freddie Mercury. It manages to capture one of his most famous poses and you can just hear him singing when you look at it. The detail here is astonishing and how they thought out what they needed to do in order to capture him is something that is beyond the realms of most people.


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