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15 Most Amazing Swimming Pools You Must Visit

Sunday, Aug 16, 2020, 11:51 am

Choosing a country for a holiday is never an easy job. Many factors influence your decision. You may search for the places of interest, hotels, shopping areas, historical monuments, churches or temples and many. Do you think you really do research on swimming pools? The answer will be NO! It's so because swimming pools are a common thing, and they exist everywhere. This topic completely changes your opinion on pools. Check these fifteen amazing swimming pools that make you feel like jumping into them instantly! 

Would you like to take a round around the earth? Then you should surely swim in this pool. Because of the shape of this pool, it is the world's largest circular pool. You can also use it for a circular swimming race because it is having never ending lap.

2.The-park-hyderabad, India

This pool is for the people who are crazy about the 3D effects. So if you are one of them then you must go and experience the swimming in this pool which gives you a sense of swimming into a 3-D movie with its infinity edge overlooking Hussian Sagar Lake.


It is a heated outdoor pool which gives bathers the sensation that they are swimming straight into the surrounding snow capped mountains. If you want to go to a hill station trip then you can enjoy swimming in this pool with your mate and a mug of mulled wine.


As we all know Brazil is famous for its beauty and here is an amazing example of that. Look at it, it is an amazing pool where once you get into the water you don't want to come out of it. Moreover it is having an amazing name which suits it.


It is an extravagant pool which is built in a hotel of Tibet as per their spirituality so that the guests feel dazzled after swimming in this pool. There is a dragon whose reflection can scare you when you saw him from the water. According to me this pool should named as "A Dragon pool".


Are you used to see your face in mirror? Then there is an awesome mirror for you, oh!! I mean an awesome pool for you which will make you confuse when you are about to splash into pool that you are splashing into the pool or a mirror. For experiencing this you have to go there.


Do you have a dinner date? Then I will suggest you to go to Paresa Phuket, Thailand for having an awesome dinner date which you never had before in your life. It is an awesome pool which merges into the sea and makes your date special for you and your lover forever.



This pool is for those who are habitual of watching movies all the time. Here you can swim and enjoy your movie as well. It will look more enjoyable if you chose a movie which will make up your mind to swim more or to make your evening more romantic with your loved one.


I bet you can't guess whether it is a pool or sea. If your answer is Sea then you are totally wrong because this is a pool built in a villa which merges into sea and also looks providing the view of stairs. Then what are you waiting for. Just come once to have a memorable moment.



Wow! Who don't want to swim in a pool like it? At least I'm not. This pool is illuminated by more than 1,000 of the little lights that's why it can confuse you that whether it is a pool or an airport run away. I'm sure nobody could resist swimming in this awesome pool.


Have you ever seen a pool whose water looks like blood? Then there is a wonderful pool which is waiting for you to come and enjoy swimming into the water which will scare you So just come at your own risk. I would like to call it a "Bloody Pool".


Hey Guys, So what are your plans for Halloween party this year? If you really want a real adventure then just pack your suitcase and rush to Indonesia because it has an awesome pool there for you as it fulfills all the requirements to have a scary party over it.

13.Mardan Palance, Turkey

Mardan Palace in Turkey is the Europe's most luxurious resort. Hollywood celebrities like Mariah Carey, Paris Hilton, Kendal Jenner, Richard Gere, Seal, etc. have attended the resort's grand opening in 2009. The resort has one of the biggest swimming pools in the world. What's more interesting about the swimming pool is that there's an aquarium under the pool that has 2,400 exotic fishes. 

Mardan Palance, Turkey-15 Most Amazing Swimming Pools You Must Visit

14.San Alfonso Del Mar, Chile

The swimming pool in San Alfonso del Mar resort is the world's biggest swimming pool. The pool is about 1 kilometer in length, and 11.5 feet in depth. 60 million gallons of water is required to fill the pool. This pool is listed in the Guinness World Records as the world's biggest swimming pool. 

San Alfonso Del Mar, Chile-15 Most Amazing Swimming Pools You Must Visit

15.Hotel Caruso, Italy

The elliptical-shaped swimming pool in Hotel Caruso, Italy offers a stunning nature view. It is one of those borderless (infinity) swimming pools that make you feel like you are indeed swimming in a sea or ocean.

Hotel Caruso, Italy-15 Most Amazing Swimming Pools You Must Visit


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