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Amazing Watermelon Art

Monday, Aug 17, 2020, 9:06 pm

1.Scenic View Watermelon

If you can't get away to an island, then this is the next best thing. There is so much detail on the piece, that it's hard to pinpoint just one great aspect. From the hint of red peeking out from behind the sun, as to imitate a sunrise, to the skilled detailing on the palm trees; the entire scene is amazing. Even the steps leading to the hut have a three-dimensional effect due to the artist's carving skills. Though it was a random choice to carve regular trees near palm trees, it doesn't matter when the piece is this great.

2.Angry Face Watermelon

It's the little details on a piece of art that can make the most impact. This angry face watermelon art can't help but put a smile on your face. The red part of the watermelon looks like human skin, with a little sunburn, while the melon's white outer skin gives the face an elderly look. The lines, and grooves the artist used on the eyebrows, beard and mustache mimic hair seamlessly.

3.Marilyn Monroe Watermelon

It's no surprise that a beloved woman like Marilyn Monroe would get put into a heart. While Marilyn Monroe isn't 3D in this piece, her sculpted face is striking! The artist captured the deceased beauty's one-of-a-kind smile and platinum blonde hair and even her beauty mark. She's etched into a huge watermelon, but your eyes go immediately to the middle where Monroe's face is.

4.Roar Watermelon

This little lion wants to give you a big roar. It is amazing how the artist is able to sculpt the nose and mouth area out of the watermelon's outer skin, but the rest of the animal is made from the guts of the fruit. While some artists remove the seeds, leaving them intact works for this piece, as it makes the lion's skin look more realistic. The addition of the curled pieces of watermelon for whiskers is also a nice touch.

5.Under the Sea Watermelon

The only thing missing from this watermelon art is a singing mermaid. The leaves behind the fish are beautiful due to the transitioning from white to green and vice versa on each leaf. The fish sculptures might have bulging eyes that pop out, but their scales are the eye-grabber of this piece. The sophistication in how each scale and tale is carved gives these little fish a life-like quality.

6.Owl Watermelon

This watermelon art is a hoot! Animal carvings are always great and this one is no exception. Aside from the watermelon being the perfect shape, the best part of this art is the feathers on the front of the owl. The shading illusion on the front of the owl matches with the owl's red face. Though a skilled artist carved the owl, the carrot eyebrows really give it personality.

7.Open wide Watermelon

This artwork is creepy, creative and amusing all wrapped up in one. The concept is simple, but the outcome demonstrates skill. The outer portion of the mouth looks a little on the cartoonish side, but the tongue is what makes this piece incredible. Not only did the artist capture how a tongue would look inside the mouth of someone screaming, but they were even able to sculpt the frenulum.


8.Pirate Ship

This sculpture takes watermelon art to a new level. The pirate ship itself has a few carvings here and there, but what makes this art amazing is the ship's mast. Those mast pieces had to be carved in a certain way to take that form. If the artist didn't brainstorm what he wanted them to look like, this would have never come together so nicely. Even if this ship didn't have all the bells and whistles aka strings and carrots, it would still be great enough to stand on its own.

9.Drum Set Watermelon

This art piece is more on the creative side, rather than the skilled side. The artist sliced the watermelon in various spheres and circles and positioned them in the right places. But make no mistake about it; this is an amazing piece due to the sculptor's creative nature and preciseness. And judging by the photo, this art was used as a centerpiece for all to see.


10.Running Man Watermelon

The runner on this watermelon sculpture doesn't have a lot of details, but only a skilled artist would be able to pull this off. This artist decided to sculpt close to the surface of the watermelon, instead of digging into the edible fruit layer. The sculptor even carved the pieces of watermelon behind the runner, in one direction, as to give an illusion of a wind effect as he was running.

11.Intricate Flower

Sometimes you got to stop and smell the watermelon. The leaves on this flower look simple, but the flower itself makes up for that. The intricacy of how the artist carved petals in the middle of flower is astonishing. If you just focus on the center of the art alone, it looks just like a real life flower.


12.Blossoming Flower Watermelon

This watermelon flower is absolutely amazing. If it weren't for the rounded shape, one wouldn't know that this was a watermelon. The artist devoted time to sculpting every line and indentation into each of the petals and leaves. The pop of red from underneath each leaf and petal makes the flower art a gorgeous statement piece.

13.Car Watermelon

This is one vehicle I'd like to ride around in. This watermelon art is more on the cartoonish side, but it's great nonetheless. Since the majority of the vehicle is red, it's apparent that the artist used more of the inside of the melon to sculpt rather than the outside. This may seem easier since you're just using the inside, but watermelon is mushy, so one wrong move and the entire thing can collapse. The splashes of white for the car windows and green on the tires give the car so much needed depth.

14.Bear Watermelon

This is a gorgeous replica of a bear on the rocks. It's obvious from the detailing, that the artist took hours upon hours to carve and sculpt the bear's fur. Even the bear's mere positioning on the watermelon took a lot of skill and brainstorming to do, as both the bear and watermelon are on a slant. Shading with a pencil or piece of coal is hard, but to see a sculptor do it with watermelon is simply mind blowing.

15.Marie from The Aristocats

If you're a fan of the Disney film, The Aristocats, then this furry feline will look familiar to you. The artist captured the lovable 'Marie' from the film perfectly in this watermelon fine art. On top of making the character, the artist even took time to carve some flowers in the background, which gives the cat a 3D effect.


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