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Amazing XBox Controllers

Sunday, Aug 15, 2021, 9:15 pm

1.Manchester City Football Club controller

You won't have to ask the favorite team or favorite sport of this gamer. This particular controller is designed for the die hard gamer who also happens to be an unwavering fan of Manchester city football. The only problem would be getting this thing to work for any video game other than soccer.

2.Futuristic controller

This looks like the kind of controller that our great grandkids will play in the year 3000. It looks simply amazing and one can only imagine the extraordinary things it can do. The only problem is that it may take several decades to figure out how to use it.

3.Adorable controller

Isn't this little thing cute? Such an adorable color scheme and the good luck theme is simply too sweet to be believed. Of course, the more manly gamers would use this as evidence that girls shouldn't be allowed to participate in the art of video game playing.

4.Samurai controller

This Xbox controller would definitely intimidate everybody in the room -- even those who aren't actually playing video games. It features a strange and scary design. The only drawback is that it's as ugly as anything I've ever seen in my entire life. I suppose we could call that a drawback.

5.Giant controller

This gargantuan Xbox controller is impressive not just for its size. Apparently, it's an actual functioning controller that works as well as any other. (and no, the kid in the picture is not the designer). I imagine it is very popular among gamers who would love to suffer a hernia while gaming.

6.All-purpose controller

This is actually an Xbox controller that has been skillfully repurposed to serve as a second display for the bathroom. It can change songs on Itunes, pause them, even view TV or DVDs -- all without leaving the bathroom. Sadly, about the only thing this Xbox controller can't do is play video games.

7.Creepy design

There's something almost hostile and violent about the design of this particular controller. As if it was created by someone who experienced the ager and frustration of not quite reaching the goal of his favorite game. This is something all gamers have felt at some time or other.


8.Controller with grip

Apart from its eye-catching, funky design, this controller also enables the gamer to hold onto it more tightly that normally possible. Because let's face it gamers, you've often worked yourself into a sweat by competing with other gamers as well as worrying about your boss calling you and discovering that you're not actually sick.

9.Golden controller

This twenty four karat gem is just perfect for the refined gamer who needs just a little bit more than his fellow video game aficionados. This is not recommended for those who aren't heirs to a gigantic fortune or those who don't know what the word "aficionados" means.


10.Goofy controller

This Xbox controller is probably about as odd as any you'll ever see. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if the gamers who used it rented it out to the nearest modern art museum as soon as they finished with the latest round of Madden football or Battlefield 4.

11.military-themed Controllers

This would be perfect for playing military-themed Xbox games. Or perhaps the designers had in mind gamers who happen to be in the military. Be warned, though. This snazzy design is for officers only. Violating that policy could subject the violator to a possible court martial. Just kidding. But it is snazzy, isn't it?


12.Eyeball controller

I'm not entirely sure who this controller is for. Perhaps it's for the gamer who is bored with the ordinary Xbox controller to the point where they are eager to embrace some serious weirdness. Or maybe it's for somebody who is really, really fond of eyeballs. I simply don't know.

13.Sophisticated controller

This is a controller for the gamer who needs more. More control. More options. More ways to express yourself. More ways to have a good time. There's a reason why this is device is called a controller. Why not give it a shot and find out for yourself?

14.Mtn Derr controller

This is just a lovely design. I would imagine that simply holding this controller in your hand would quench the thirst of any gamer. And to those unfamiliar with redneck speak, "Mtn Derr" is the unsophisticated way of pronouncing the soft drink officially known as Mountain Dew.

15.Rough controller

This is the kind of stuff nerds have strokes over. An Xbox controller custom designed to resemble a really rough character from a really rough comic book. And as long as it doesn't distract your admiring eyes away from the game action, everything should work out great.


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