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Amazing Mansions

Tuesday, Jul 12, 2022, 9:35 am


This house is strange. It is also worth an estimated $1 billion and the fact that it is in Mumbai, India just adds to the surreal feeling that surrounds it. The way it is designed is pretty horrible and it actually stands 27 stories high and provides the owner, who is Mukesh Ambani and is the one of the richest men in the world, 40,000 square feet to live in. It is also home to 600 servants, so you can see how it is going to be difficult for any other mansion to usurp this one as the biggest in the world.

2.Villa Leopolda

To illustrate how big this mansion is we only need to mention that apparently it employs 50 people just to deal with the gardens. The mansion itself is worth a cool $750 million and it has 19 bedrooms and as you can see from this image it also look a gorgeous home as well. Yes you pay extra as it is in the French Riviera, but even taking that into account you do wonder about the price.

3.Franchuck Villa

Franchuck Villa in Kensington, London is another example of a city mansion and just like the one in New York it is undoubtedly a fantastic home to own. This is valued at over $160 million and it covers 21,000 square feet and some of the ceilings are actually 20 feet high. You do not only get a number of bedrooms, but also a sauna, gym, and movie theatre, but it is the overall size of the home that is so impressive especially in London where space really is at a premium.

4.Dracula's castle

This is actually a private home once again after having been a museum for a number of years. It is in Romania and it consists of 17 bedrooms and 57 rooms in total, but the size of it does not take away the fact that it is spooky just to look at it never mind to go ahead and live in it. This place would be creepy even without the Dracula story, so only horror fans would love it here.

5.The Pinnacle

The Pinnacle is basically a ski-lodge mansion that is located in Montana. It is priced at over $150 million and comes with 10 bedrooms, both an indoor as well as outdoor pool, cellar, a gym, heated flooring, and even a heated driveway and everything else is also to a high standard that just screams out luxury. This mansion really is a statement and is one of the best homes in the country.

6.Fairfield Pond

Fairfield Pond is a mansion in The Hamptons and indeed it has to be the biggest and most luxurious home in the area. It is valued in the region of $170 million and you do get some kind of an idea as to how big this is just by the aerial photograph. The swimming pool alone looks bigger than the average house and you can only appreciate the number of rooms that are in here and how long it would take to clean the entire place.

7.The Manor

The Manor has to be one of the more famous mansions in the world and it is now owned by the daughter of F1 supreme Bernie Ecclestone who paid $80 million for it. This is apparently the biggest house in Los Angeles county because even the car park is massive since it can hold 100 cars at any given time. Apart from this you have tennis courts, a swimming pool, and all kinds of things that just makes this a special home.


8.Fleur de Lys

This is the house that is owned by Mariah Carey and you will find it in Beverley Hills. This mansion is inspired by French architecture and it provides the owner with 45,000 square feet of living space. Inside you are going to find marble, gold moldings, and all other kinds of luxury items that just makes this mansion stand out from so many others. You can understand why it costs $125 million.

9.Waterfront Estate

This Waterfront Estate is actually in Istanbul, Turkey and apart from the wonderful view that it has, this mansion is huge. It consists of 64 different rooms and each one tends to be decorated with the likes of crystal chandeliers and gilded moldings. The home itself is covering 30,000 feet and even though you do not get a lot of extra space on the outside it is still an impressive mansion.


10.Hala Ranch

Hala Ranch is in Aspen, Colorado and it is actually owned by a prince from Saudi Arabia. This estate covers 95 acres and is valued at over $135 million and because it is owned by a prince you can imagine the luxury that is in every single room of this particular mansion. It is huge, as this image does not show everything, and it has to be one of the top houses in this part of the country.

11.Albemarle House

You will find this house in Charlottesville, Virginia and it is a house that was built not long after the Civil War. In actual fact it is one of the biggest houses in the country that dates from that period and it is currently priced at approximately $100 million. It may only have eight bedrooms, but you get 300 acres of land and there is no doubt that it is a gorgeous house.


12.Maison de L'Amitie

This rather sprawling mansion is in Palm Beach, Florida and you can imagine the amount of land it takes up with all of the different parts of the building and outhouses. Donald Trump bought this in 2004 and he spent time renovating it, so you can imagine that the $125 million price tag will have since increased and who knows what this mansion is now worth on the open market.


This mansion is in Lake Tahoe, Nevada and you cannot help but like this home. It is priced at approximately $100 million and in actual fact it was built by the guy that was the joint founder of the designer empire, Tommy Hilfiger. It has a movie theatre, an indoor swimming pool, and a wine cellar that can hold 3500 bottles at any given time, so what else would you need in a house?

14.Woolworth Mansion

This mansion is in New York and it has been valued at around the $90 million mark. It was built in 1916 by a renowned architect and when it comes to mansions in the middle of a major city in the world, then there surely cannot be anything that is capable of really matching this one? Yes it may not have the sprawling land to go with it all, but it is still a cool mansion to own.

15.Henley Mansion

Henley mansion is in Berkshire, England and it was valued at $218 million a few years ago. This mansion is huge, it has two golf courses, sits next to the River Thames, and is apparently haunted. It is owned by a Russian billionaire and you can only imagine how long it takes to clean this building with all of the rooms contained within it and it is one of the largest private homes at least in the UK.


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