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Amazing Showers

Friday, Aug 14, 2020, 12:54 pm


The design of this shower is such that it just fits in perfectly with the rest of the room and the fact that there is no base, cubicle, or even a curtain does not actually matter. Instead, just look at the design of it as it is simple, but very effective and it blends in beautifully with the rest of the theme. It may not be to everyone's taste, but you have to admire it for what it is.


This shower is in here just for the sheer size of it because it is bigger than almost any shower you will ever see outside of a gym. The fact that it is all finished off in marble and has gold taps just adds to the opulence of it all and of course the view from the shower really is something else as well.

3.The bath combo

The thing that is best about this shower is that it does have the bath as the base, but the two of them work together due to the lines and angles in their design. It does of course have one of those sky shower heads so it looks as if it is coming right out of the ceiling, but you have to admit that it looks gorgeous and this is a shower you would always be proud to own.

4.The circle

This is another outdoors shower, but the difference with this example is that it is beautiful to look at as well as being practical. This is quite sculptural in appearance and with the mixture of side jets and the top shower head it does mean you can easily get cooled down on those hot days and then get back to enjoying the sun.

5.Sauna shower

This half sauna half shower combination is one of those items where you wish that you had thought about it due to it being extremely clever as well as being very useful. The two things just go together and ok you need a large bathroom to accommodate them, but how cool would it be to have a sauna and jump right into the shower after it?


This is the perfect shower for you if you live in a warm climate and love to get cooled down outdoors during the summer. Yes it is very basic, but gone are the days of you needing to spend a fortune to have an outdoors shower installed as this is certainly very refreshing and it does the job that it is intended for.


You can see where they got the name Rainsky from with this shower as it does just appear to come out of nowhere and there is not really the sense of you being in a shower in the first place. This is very futuristic and it is ideal for people that love the minimalist approach and it has to be one of the best looking showers on the market.



You have to admit that this shower is completely different thanks to it being horizontal. In its own way it would be quite good giving it a go, but there is still something quite strange about lying down rather than standing up. It is really like a combination between a bath and a shower in this sense, but it does still look seriously cool.


This shower is different in that it has larger side sprays than most resulting in it giving you a more invigorating shower than you may expect. It does still have a higher shower head that is designed to allow you to wash your hair, but most times you will use the side ones and be glad that you did so.



There is no doubt that this shower is completely different to anything else that you are going to see on the market. It is called the cocoon shower and it is easy to see why thanks to the shape of it. This is all about design and it would certainly be a different experience standing in there compared to the normal shower cubicles.

11.Brizo Sensori

How cool is this shower? You are being hit from every conceivable angle and you can only imagine how refreshing this must be especially after a hard day. The sprays on the side are going to massage your body in their own way while you enjoy the main shower head running water all over you resulting in one of the best showers you can ever have.

12.Graff Ametis

This is more about the shower head rather than the shower itself as it has to be one of the best things you will see in your bathroom. The water can either flow as seen in the image or it can also just cascade over the end with this resembling more like standing under a waterfall. Clearly you then need the rest of the room to meet the same standards as this showerhead.


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