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Amazing Sunburn Art

Tuesday, Aug 25, 2020, 3:51 pm

1.Let's Get Some Take-Out

The dish ran away with the spoon ... oh no wait, the dish just sat there next to the spoon while this girl caught some rays. The question is? Was she waiting for the soup to cool. the ice cream to melt, or the cereal to get soggy? Whatever was in that bowl took longer to become edible than it took for her to become well done!

2.Rockin Out

We've all worn rock concert t-shirts at one time or another, but this is taking fan worship to a whole new level. Topping football fans who paint their bodies at games, this guy is an AC/DC fan for life ... or for at least the life of his tan.

3.To The Batmobile!

While most superheroes try to hide their identities, this guy is letting everyone know who he really is with his emblem emblazoned on his chest for the world to see. In his own defense, maybe a bat hovered overhead while he sunbathed, or... he really is ... the one and only ... Batman!

4.Talk to The Hand

Hard to imagine how long this guy was out in the sun to get this burned, maybe he fell asleep while saying the "Pledge of Allegiance" with his hand over his heart. It couldn't be that some prankster doused their hand with sunblock and gave him a friendly pat on the chest before he laid out, could it?

5.Be A Star in stripes

Who says tan lines are ugly? As the saying goes ... if you can't beat them, join them, and that's just what this young lady is doing. A criss cross patter of distinct tan lines makes for a very interesting display. There won't be any awkward silences on her date. A great conversation piece for sure!

6.Got Stuffing?

Anyone with skin can get a tan, and that goes for turkeys, too. It's obvious that this turkey spent a little too much time in the broiler wearing her bikini. I guess when she heard that some like the white meat and some like the dark, she thought it meant her skin.

7.Sunny Days

This guy may look like he had too much sun, but it seems he wanted to take the sun home with him. This may be a heart warming vision, but a burnt torso is not much fun. Maybe he should have put the sunblock on before getting a sunburn ... ya think?



Surfs up, dude! It looks like this guy took the beach home with him. Not only does he have a sun-kissed tan, he has the ocean ripples to prove he had a great day in the waves. The yin and the yang of tanning makes for great sun art.

9.That's Quite A Big Smile!

How happy does this guy look? Pretty damn happy judging by that huge smiley face. Looking like the cherry kool aid guy, he's going to need more than a cigarette to numb that pain. Laughing with a bowl full of jelly is not so funny when it lasts for more than a week


10.Where Have Your Hands Been?

Someone's been caught with their hands in the cookie jar. Better than fingerprints, handprints can be really condemning. When you need something done, just do it yourself. Everyone knows that there's no escaping a sunburn when you don't wear sunblock .... but you need to apply the lotion before the burn.

11.Tan-Through Clothes

There was a time when the bathing suit style you wore on your first day in the sun, was the style you stuck with all summer in order to avoid multiple tan lines. Jump ahead to today, and we have clothes designed with tan-through mesh, leaving a beautiful design behind.

12.Tribal Sun Art - A New Form of Sun Worship

A true sun worshiper can create great sun art that lasts as long as a sun tan. Tribal stencils that take laying in the sun to a whole new level look like lots of fun. Where once we avoided tan lines, these sun gods create their own unique look using the sun as their paintbrush.

13.A Sucker Born Every Minute

We've all heard of people make money using their bodies for advertising, but this is ridiculous. At first glance we might think this guy is suffering from low self esteem, that is, until we see the arrow pointing to his derriere. Lesson here? Don't let your friends apply your sunblock.

14.Is that a mushroom?

This piece of sun art might be a reminder to eat your vegetables, or an arrow pointing up, or ... well ... just use your imagination. But, whatever it is, someone played a cruel joke on this guy, and it looks like it's going to last longer than a one night stand.

15.East or West?

East, west, north, south? This guy looks like he was getting some lovin' while sunbathing. Now, until that love fades, or at least his sunburn does, he has a lasting memory. Hopefully it's a good memory. So for now, if anyone asks for something, he can point with his belly.


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