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Amazing Sunburn Art

Tuesday, Aug 25, 2020, 3:51 pm

1.Let's Get Some Take-Out

The dish ran away with the spoon ... oh no wait, the dish just sat there next to the spoon while this girl caught some rays. The question is? Was she waiting for the soup to cool. the ice cream to melt, or the cereal to get soggy? Whatever was in that bowl took longer to become edible than it took for her to become well done!

Let's Get Some Take-Out-Amazing Sunburn Art

2.Rockin Out

We've all worn rock concert t-shirts at one time or another, but this is taking fan worship to a whole new level. Topping football fans who paint their bodies at games, this guy is an AC/DC fan for life ... or for at least the life of his tan.

Rockin Out-Amazing Sunburn Art

3.To The Batmobile!

While most superheroes try to hide their identities, this guy is letting everyone know who he really is with his emblem emblazoned on his chest for the world to see. In his own defense, maybe a bat hovered overhead while he sunbathed, or... he really is ... the one and only ... Batman!

To The Batmobile!-Amazing Sunburn Art

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